Going to Zihua in 2 weeks. Help please

Discussion in 'Mexico' started by frankaxlerod, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. frankaxlerod

    Heading down to Zihuatanejo in less than 2 weeks and am just wondering who are good captains and what I should focus on. I'm probably going to fish at least 2 days. I just want action, so whatever advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. KrillSeekr

    Fished down there a couple Christmas's ago. We just went down to the docks the a day or 2 before we wanted to fish, and saw who was bringing in fish, and what types. Found a pretty good skipper at a great rate, no idea the name, but we caught Dorado and a sailfish.
  3. frankaxlerod

    thanks. is it safe right now, i'm a little worried. this is my wife's idea. anybody?
  4. Whalebreath

    Zihua is some way from the mountainous interior where the Bad Guys play-plus there's a military base right on the beach in the middle of town.
  5. frankaxlerod

    Thanks for your help.
  6. LarryHaynes

    A friend just got back and killed the sails.

    Fish with Capt Elias Ruiz, 755-114-1058. Not sure what boat he's working right now. Awesome English. Went to High School in California.

    He put us on lots of fish last May, and recommended a guy that put us so many tuna that we had to stop because the boat was full. Plus a 100+ YFT for a kicker.

    If you can't get in touch with him, go with Isidro "Chiro" Barragan. He's been on ESPN and Mark Sossen TV shows. Bloodyhook7@hotmail.com or 755-557-0809.

    If you're looking for a hotel, go to the Hotel Villa Mexicana. They have a website. Probably the cheapest hotel with an unbeatable location on La Ropa beach.