going to san quintin with puda vida

Discussion in 'Mexico' started by X Treme, Jan 17, 2011.

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  1. X Treme

    Heading to San Quintin Feb 24th to the 28th on my boat Xtreme with one buddy boat Puda Vida n friends and was wondering if any other PBers were interested in the adventure? Plan on getting the dingy out this time and going to shore to dig clams and get some of the best oysters you have ever had. If anyone else is interested please send me an Email? I do have way points to enter the bay of San Quintin for great anchorage. Alex...
  2. LucazVilla

    need inf. how much will cost the share call me 916 670 5628
  3. LucazVilla

    :hali_olutta:I need inf. how much will cost the share call me at 916 670/5628
  4. adamsantiago@sb

    im interested in trip, do you still have room and how much will it cost ?
    619 813-2107
  5. la vida

    Getting in and out of that bay can get Scarry at times.
    Watch your self.
  6. duanediego

    Just a heads up... It's illegal for gringos to take/fish for any shellfish or mollusks in Mexican waters.

    Instead, stop by the Co-op in Bahia Falsa and score your clams and oysters from the guys there... Cheap, easy and tasty.

    Good luck and safe travels on your trip.
  7. MYNomad

    If you want to put your trip off a few weeks, we would be happy to buddy boat.