Going down to Mexico

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by Bola45, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. Bola45

    Im going down to mexico with a friend sometime in may. Do you guys think using a low pro casting reel is a bad idea? Just wondering. Im still new to fishing. Thanks :starwarskid5:
  2. 1:11

    Please tell us you are not driving down there ?

    edit) well if you are be careful, more important, aware of the risks.
  3. TonyH54

    Beer can with a hundred yards of 30 lb mono wound on. You will be stylin' like the locals.
  4. Bola45

    Yup Im driving down there. I have a beat up car so they wont mess with me. :-) Ive done it a few times.
    LOL Like the locals? I like that lol
  5. johndtuttle

    what are you planning on fishing for and where?

    That would tell us the likelihood of you getting a nasty surprise with such a set up.
  6. Bola45

    Rockfish and some yellow tails. Any good pointers on fishing for yellow tail? I have a Shimano Torium as well.
  7. johndtuttle

    Ok, the short answer is no lol. your low profile reel cannot stop bass or yellows in Mex.

    They are not the same thing that you fish for up here. All of the tropical species pull uber hard, like 4 times as hard pound for pound. Rockfish here or calicos are like wet socks versus mack trucks down there. I promise the first fish you land you will be amazed at how small it is for how hard it pulled.

    Your torium is more useful and can handle most things you'll get into. What size is it?
  8. Fishmugger

    Driving down? Full of bandidos ,will steal you blind take your women and leave you with no head. Stay away . By the way road is in great shape if you make it that far. Been doing it every year for 40 yrs.and only been stopped twice buy the cops and paid my donation to the police children fund. Still have head.
  9. Bola45

    My bad its a Tyrno 8.
  10. johndtuttle

    No worries, Tyrno 8 is a great little reel. whacha got it spooled with?
  11. Bola45

    I have 50 lb Braid on it.
  12. johndtuttle

    Killer. That's perfect.

    What rod you got it mated with?
  13. Bola45

    Quarrow Tiderunner 7'4" Extra Heavy 20-40 lb.
  14. johndtuttle

    Should be alright if you can flip a bait with it.

    Where are you going to be fishing? If you are on the pacific about as far down as San Quintin should be fine (they have some regular cold water rock fish in those waters) for general rock fish and lings.
  15. Bola45

    I can throw bait with it. Only thing that sucks is that it's a super stiff rod. I'm actually looking for a new one. Thinking with going to a calstar or a seeker. Also not sure if you have herd of Vonnys fleet but that's where I'm going. I think we are fishing for rock and lin cod. Might look for yellows as well.
  16. johndtuttle

    Vonny's is Ensenada.

    If the yellows are around it can be a great choice, but for rockfish better off going all the way to San Quintin for a sure bet on quality. That rod won't be too heavy in either place but it you want a softer tip look at a Calstar 700M. That's a rod you will own for life.

    best, and hope you get some.
  17. Bola45

    I keep hearing graphite is the way to go. A bit pricey but they are some pretty sweet rods.
  18. johndtuttle

    They are a graphite and glass mix. The glass for a little more toughness, the graphite for sensitivity and lightness.

    Not required to catch fish. Your panga captain at vonny's will out fish you using a handline, but worth every penny and it's hard to beat a 700M for one rod to do it all.

  19. Bola45

    Yup I agree with the Outfishing part lol The guy I went fishing out there with last time was crazy good! He caught 10 fish before we caught one.