Glamis Thanksgiving - Car Vs: Quad

Discussion in 'Camping & 4x4' started by Huntndogs, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. Huntndogs

    I am not sure who was being the Ass Hat here, but the outcome was not good for either although the quad rider got the worst. It is my understanding that he will be OK with a compund fracture of the leg. This head-on occurred saturday evening at the sand drags. Quad rider was airlifted via life flight to the hospital and the driverof the car got arrested for DUI.

    Thankfully he was not killed. The dunes were a ZOO with an estimated 100,000 people out there...

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  2. Innocent Bystaner

    A good example of booze and testostrone. Thank God nobody was killed this time. Holiday drinking and driving always kept us busy.
  3. Bottom Line

    I quit going to the sandbox in 1979 because of the crazy stuff going on - it is at least 10 times worse now!
  4. dbar

    I don't miss it at all!!!! I quit drinking 9 years ago this month, and I haven't been to the dessert or river since. Amazeing how I don't miss the drunkin idiots at all now that I'm not one of them :)
  5. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    The same thing killed my 20 year old nephew 4 years ago. I'm over that whole scene, Way too many dipshits crammed in a small area for me
  6. Luhr'd Away

    That really sucks.
  7. voodoojfb

    glad he will be ok

    a little moderation goes a long way at the river and in the desert... that being said what kind of car is that in the last pic? Impala? Biscayne?
  8. fish doctor

  9. Carlsbad

    Caddy fleetwood?
  10. gecsr1

    glad no one got hurt but shit happens where ever you are.... I was at glamis for 4 days never seen a sherriff or a problem, drove over 150 miles in the dunes.... It seemed to be a pretty good long weekend....
  11. Mighty Ming

  12. Sluester

    Wish more people would think like you guys!

    There are just as many asshats on the ocean, you shouldn't go out there either.:D
  13. Huntndogs

    I go there because they pay me time and one half, put me up in a decent hotel and give me money for food. Oh, I get to thrash someone else's 4X4 too.LOL
  14. MikeyLikesIt

    I quit going, lets see......19 years ago this t-day weekend.

    this is a perfect example of "why". Takes the fun right out of it, eh?

    It is out of control out there on big but dangerous.
  15. HOOKUP1904

    Like a smoke screen on the 78 doing 80mph?? LOLLOLLOLLOL:frehya2:

    couldn't resist that one...LOL
  16. Huntndogs

    Smart Ass is right....:picknose: Nice new tranny in that sucker now.
  17. I hate seals Advertiser

    Dumbass festival...
  18. bocker

    Same reason I don't go anymore. Lost a brother-in-law/best friend at competition hill, sitting shotgun, back in 95... Haven't been since.

    Glad everyone involved survived this one. It's fun as fuck till someone dies.

  19. Steel Leader

    I was 20 yrs old with my new fabtech lift on my ranger camping with some buddies at glamis. We were cruising down the wash road along the railroad tracks when I see a lone headlight, It came like a missle, I was later determined if I didn't take the evasive action that I did, my two feinds in my truck and the guy on the three wheeler would have died instead of just him. His bike went under my truck tearing the rear leaf mounts from the frame, causing the truck to roll over, one of my freinds had his arm out the window, he suffered a nasty compound. I climb out of my truck to see a dude face down on the ground, there's no question about his status, my truck is smashed to a pulp and my freind is holding his arm with a bone protruding from it.

    It was a sureal time waiting for the cops to show, It took over an hour. Some guys came to take my buddies to the hospital soon after the crash, I waited for authorities. I took a walk in the desert to pray and gather my thoughts, meanwhile some other patrons went through my truck stealing what they could including my new 12ga behind the bench seat.

    After years of depositions and crap like that It was determined that the crash was unavoidable, I did The best I could to stay alive and not collide with a telephone pole. Both my "freinds" tried to sue me, with no avail. The man driving the three wheeler had a pistol in his pants, a couple of rifles at his camp and about fifteen beer bottles on the ground, toxicology determined him to be drunk as a skunk, he had no family to speak of and was alone at glamis. My BA came out to be .01 which made me loose my license for a year due to ca. zero tolerance law for being under age. But I was not legaly drunk so I was not convicted of any crime.

    My brother goes to glamis time to time with his sand car, I will occasionally meet him there and go for rides but I don't go on the huge weekends that's for sure. As you could probably imagine my desire to take up off roading swiftly switched to ocean fishing soon after.

    Moral of the story; Shit there's no moral, shit happens and I can happen anywhere, it just sucks when it happens to you.
  20. GRUNT0369

    I have not been since 2005 when I crashed. For three years I would try and make it at least twice a month out to the desert. Every weekend I was out there life flight would be taking someone out of the desert. It was a great time and the wife and kids loved going, just could not take the chance with the other guy, taking out one of the family members.