Gill Deck Boots

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by spize909, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. spize909

  2. MikeeDaGuy

    I would try-em before I buy-em. . . . Damn I have a huge foot in Europe!
  3. spize909

    Well I know my foot likes a flat sole and these have it. But yeah, I'd like to get my foot into a pair before buying.
  4. rdrrm8e

    I am demoing a new to our market boot. Billy Boots.

    EVA foam. (Only 2 lbs. for a size 11 pair!) MADE IN USA...!

    Used by the US Navy. Max slip resistance in the industry.

    I will put up a review soon

    Not affiliated yet...yada...yada....yada.

  5. bottomdweller

    Shimano Evair...feel great
  6. spize909

    I tried on some of those Evairs and they were pretty comfortable.......I like 'em up a little higher to hide my skinny ankles but may end up with those.
    When are you gonna have some real feedback on yours Chuck?
  7. middleofnowhere

    That's bad ass. Look forward to your review, but may order sooner. My last pair USA tuffs are starting to crack.
  8. makomiko

    I had a pair of Gill boots. They finally developed a split, so I now have a pair of West Marines'. The only problem is I wear a size 7 1/2, and of course they only come in full size, the 8's were too big. The 7's are a little tight when I put in the Dr. Scholl insoles, but I like the boots a lot. I just don't like having to roll down the Xtra=Tuffs. makomiko
  9. spize909

    Well, I just ordered a pair.
    We'll see how they do. As much as I fish anymore they ought to last a good long time...
  10. Gil Marlin

    I like the Gil boots... :D

    Does anyone want to buy a pair of Extra Tuffs size 14's???

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