Giant Bluefin Tuna - Team Lone Star PEI

Discussion in 'Texas Fishing' started by Chase This!, Oct 9, 2011.

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  1. Chase This!

  2. Chase This!

    Few pics

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  3. Chase This!


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  4. ConSeaMate

    Can I ask why you are flying the Canadian flag over the Flag of the USA?......
  5. Chase This!

    Yes you may. Because we were IN Canada. And that's a Canadian owned and operated vessel.

  6. ConSeaMate

    I understand......I thought you were in Texas and I didn't want you to get shot....:rofl:......Great report!.....
  7. Mikieb

    That's a BIG mackerel !
  8. Ali Admin

    Great pics rob!

    That's a magical place.
  9. fishman27

    Thats awesome! How many pounds of drag you fish em at?
  10. Chase This!

    Stand Up 40-60#

    Chair 60-80#
  11. Red Tuna

    Congrats on the tuna Brandon...

    Nice Lone Star flag.
  12. fishman27

    That is crazy! Congrats on a great trip!
  13. I'M OFF

    Thank you.
  14. LipRipR

    Just Awsome!!!!
    Nice Man!!!

    From The NW CHAPTER!!!


    < ; )( . )( . )><(
  15. T-Ripper

    Awesome... You boys put the hurt on them!
  16. chacker

    What kind of rods or blanks do you fish on those bad boys?
  17. Chase This!

    They were Calstar Boomers with Winthrop guides wrapped by Don Savage of Savage Rods in Houston, Texas.

  18. conor

    That is awesome!
    Would you mind giving a run down of what type of gear you were using? i.e. line, # test etc.
  19. Chase This!


    Stand Up:

    Tiagra 80 loaded with 200# braid and a 100ft 200# Momoi diamond wind-on connected loop to loop to the bimini in the main line.

    Avet 80 loaded with 130# Jerry Brown solid and a 200ft 200# Momoi Diamond wind-on connected loop to loop to the bimini in the main line.

    Canyon 80 loaded with 130# Momoi Diamond braid a 100 yard 200# Momoi Diamond wind-on connected loop to loop to the bimini in the main line.

    Rods were Savage Rods. Both were Calstar Boomer 80-130# blanks, both had Winthrop guides (one had oversized Winthrops), and both had AFTCO short bent butts.

    The rods for the Canyon reels were boat rods one with AFTCO and the other with Stuart guides. I do not recall the builder or blank.

    Harness and belt were Smitty. These were KEY to landing these giants.

    We used multiple 130s in the chair. All with 8ft broomstick rods. All 200# dacron with 200# Momoi Diamond spliced into it.

    Please let me know if I left anything off.

  20. rdrrm8e

    Damn...That would be a rush when you first put it in gear!