Ghost Tree going off

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    It's an old photo from an epic swell in 2007 but the image was so good I thought I would share some stoke and NorCal Juice.

    This is Ghost Tree a wave that is essentially closed as PWC are no longer permitted in Carmel Bay (marine reserve). This wave has been featured in many past Billabong XXL contests and "rides of the year". It really hasn't gone off the last 3 winters I have been in Carmel, off and on between there and SF, but I hope to see it when it does. I can hear the waves from my parents house, though this is a bit across the bay to really be able to claim I could hear these bombs when they go off.

    It's way too gnarly to paddle in as experienced surfers can appreciate and with no PWC permitted the risk is far too high. One experienced surfer Peter Navi was killed during this swell as well and the video below shows how gnarly the impact zone is.

    We get that beautiful blue water here unlike the green/black of Mavs due to the white sand beaches. The divers tell me the improved refractive index of the white micro sand in the water improves the color and clarity:


    enjoy the vids you can see the same wave at 2:46:

    This video has the ride nominated for "ride of the year" in the Billabong XXL awards (second wave on the vid and better than the above vid):
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    Brass balls for sure.

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