Getting rid of my bass (freshwater) gear sale

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    I’m not willing to split lure lots up at the moment. Rods, I prefer local pickup (Columbia MD, White Marsh, MD Linthicum, MD York, PA or somewhere in between) but will ship at your expense. Paypal preferred (no fees). Money Order and Checks will be accepted, must clear the bank before shipment. Lowball offers will be ignored. VALID offers will be responded to and likely accepted, feel free to make reasonable offers. If buying more than two items, will gladly give discounts. Feel free to go in on these large lots with your buddies.
    Shipping is on you. The lots marked as “boxes” i.e. shallow crankbait box, lipless box, all come with Plano 370 boxes. I’ll even throw in a few extra tabs of inserts at no charge. I think a medium USPS box will fit a plano for $10 (?) and a large will fit 3 (guessing) for $14. If those numbers are low, I’ll cover the rest. If it’s high, I’ll refund the rest. If you don’t want the plano box (and save on shipping) let me know. I will unceremoniously dump your selection into a ziplock bag and box it up.

    Trades Considered: High end saltwater reels (Large spinning, conventional, casting) Saltwater jigging rod (conventional, 80-200 lb) 10-16 foot surf rods (spinning and conventional) NOTE: I’m selling BASS GEAR because I don’t bass fish much anymore. So I’m NOT interested in ANY bass gear.

    If you absolutely NEED PICTURES than e-mail me at [email protected].

    G. Loomis GLX BSR852 7’1” XFast action. Senko rod, recoil guides. Spinning rod. This was my BABY. 9.9/10 cosmetic. Beautiful rod. Retail $380. Asking $280.
    Shimano Crucial CRC610M 6’10” Casting Medium power fast action 8-15 pound. Cork a LITTLE dirty. Wonderful spinnerbait/plastics rod. $80
    BPS Pro Qualifier PQX70HT 7’ Heavy Extra Fast Action 12-25 pound. Amazing frog rod, medium jig rod. Small swimbaits. Cork damage from a mouse chewing on it. Mouse is now dead. Other than that, rod in great condition. $80
    BPS Extreme 7’6” H 12-30# line. Telescopic flippin’ rod. I had an older version of this, loved it. Broke it and this replaced it. Lightly used. $60
    BPS Extreme 6’6” MH 10-20 pound. Not sure if I used this rod more than 3 times. Never fit my style of fishing. $60
    BPS Extreme 7’ MH 10-20 pound. Older style rod from 2003. Rod in great shape, cork dirty. Awesome plastics rod, heavy jigs, spinnerbaits, etc. $60
    BPS Performance Graphite IM8. 7’ MH 10-20 pound. Loved this rod. Traps, swimbaits, jigs. Very versatile. $40
    3 Curado 201 B’s. All used and in used cosmetic shape (6/10?) and good/great cosmetic shape (8/10). $60 each or all 3 for $150. One is spooled with 65# Power Pro. The others have no line.

    Daiwa Alphas 103L. The purple monster. Beautiful reel. Used once. 9.9/10 cosmetical 10/10 mechanical. Comes with box, paperwork, daiwa lube. Box in great condition. Perfect collector piece or 100% fishable. $280

    Fly Combo:
    Scientific Anglers 9’ 6# 2 piece rod. Great for trout, bass, panfish, etc. Comes with matching reel and spooled with 6# WF line (which has been on for ~4 years. Not sure if fly line goes bad??) $75

    Lipless box
    9 Yo-Zuri Rattl’n Vibes
    1 Yo-Zuri Hardcore Drum in Shad
    1 River 2 Sea Twin Vib 85 in Ayu?
    2 Rat-L-Traps in Red Craw
    5 Assorted Rat-L-Traps
    2 Sugar Shads (Red Craw and Blue Shad)
    1 custom painted Rattlin’ Rap (Rapala’s rattle trap) in Deathtoll Shad
    4 custom painted 1/8<sup>th</sup> ounce Rat-L-Traps
    4 Reaction Strike lipless cranks
    1 H20 lipless crank
    1 Strike King Red Eye Shad in Sexy Shad
    9 Assorted XPS lipless baits
    2 BPS lipless baits
    2 unidentified lipless baits, both the same. VERY VERY similar to old school Yo-Zuri’s. That’s what everyone has always called them. Single treble. DEADLY. Lightweight.
    1 old Cotton Cordell Super Spot in Gold with belly gold scraped off (bone plastic)
    Total of 45 baits. $150. Less than 3.33 a bait. The Yo-zuri’s retail for 8 each alone. (80 bucks there)

    Medium/Deep diver box
    2 custom painted Luhr Jensen Hot Lips Express (The DEEP divers). One in Tidal Potomac Shad (Lavendar back, neon green stripe, white belly, orange throat) one in Red Chameleon Craw (rust red with greens and golds)
    1 Custom painted Luhr Jenson Hot Lips (the not so deep but still deep version) in Red Chameleon Craw
    1 Rapala Jointed bait medium runner “Ireland” in Shad
    1 Rapala Down Deep (precursor to the DT series) in Holo Blue Shad “Ireland”
    1 Rapala Down Deep in custom painted in Lavender Shad “Ireland” upgraded to gammy hooks
    1 Rapala Deep Runner 8 in Perch “Finland”
    1 Rapala Deep Runner 9 in custom painted shad grey back, green stripe, white belly. Very sloppy kill spot on one side. No country marked.
    1 Strike King Tour Grade in Brown Craw. 8 foot diver
    2 Strike King Sexy Shad 8 foot divers
    1 Bandit 200 in Khaki
    2 Bandit 300 in Chartreuse Minnow and Spring Craw
    2 Bandit Flat Maxx Deep. 1 in “Wild Thing” (My alltime favorite color) and one in custom painted Blue Shad.
    1 Bomber Fat A in Custom painted in Chartreause Shad
    1 Janns Net Craft brand custom painted in Chartreause Shad (similar to Bomber Fat Free Guppy)
    1 bomber fat free guppy in Citrus Shad
    1 bomber fat free fingerling in green back, stripes, white body/belly
    2 custom painted Janns Netcraft baits (one in Shad, one in Perch)
    2 Bandit 200’s in Taco Salad
    24 baits. $72. $3 a bait. You can’t find a better deal than that.

    Frogs and Toads and Hooks (OH MY!) Box
    5 Stanley Ribbets in Watermelon/Pearl
    1 Stanley Ribbet in Chartreause/White
    5 Zoom Horny Toads in Watermelon Seed
    3 Zoom Horny Toads in White
    5 Yum Buzzfrogs in Brown/Pearl
    5 Sizmic Toads in White
    5 Sizmic Toads in White/Grey
    1 Academy Brand frog in Chartreause/White
    1 Bobby’s Perfect Frog in Bullfrog
    1 SPRO Bronzeye Frog in Black Belly/Green top
    1 Reaction Innovation Swamp Donkey in Pink
    1 BPS “TURBO TOAD” in White/Red/Orange Flame (frogs head, buzzbait blade, hook rigged with a grub. Never thrown….probably rare because they are so weird)
    5 Zoom Horny Toad 5/0 hooks with bait keepers
    I think I have a few weighted Stanley Ribbet hooks that when I find, I’ll throw in. I’m also almost positive I have a few more toads laying around. Those are yours too.
    I figure this is equivalent to 6 packs of toads and 4 frogs (not counting the turbo toad).

    Topwater Box
    3 XPS Poppers (2 large in Ghost Minnow and Blue Shad, one small in Peacock)
    1 Rapala Skitter Pop in Leopard Frog
    1 Heddon Tiny Torpedo in frog
    1 Pflueger popper in Perch
    1 Heddon Super Spook Jr. in Black/Gold Ribs
    1 Arbogast Jointed Jiggerbug in Black
    1 BPS “Double Shot” topwater system. Line runs thru a jerkbait, tied to a small spook style bait. Kinda really cool. Color Sexy Shad (or whatever their knockoff color is called)
    1 Excalibur Swim’n Image Shallow Runner in Herring or Blue Shad. Technically a wake bait, but it’s in my topwater box.
    1 Luhr Jensen Woodchopper in Silver Shad
    1 Stillwater Popper (Bass size) in Frog. Stillwater is a local company, making AMAZING poppers.
    12 baits. $40 bucks. 3.33 a piece

    Shallow Water Box
    1 Rapala Jointed Shad in Shad
    1 Rick Clunn Orion series in Caramel Shad
    1 XPS Carolina Fats bait in some version of shad
    1 Bagleys BII in White/Blue Back
    1 Bomber Flat A in creek chub
    1 Manns Baby -1 in Craw
    1 Luhr Jensen (?) Speed Trap in Chartreuse/Blue Back (old stock…the good type)
    1 Lee Sisson balsa bait (shallow diver, flat sided shad profile) in White.
    12 Assorted Bandit 100’s and Wake baits. Lots of bright colors and a few craws
    1 Norman Mad N in Oil Slick
    2 H20 express baits (RC 1.5 and RC2.5 knockoffs)
    1 BIG Manns -1 in Shad
    1 Bandit Flat Maxx custom painted in Black Shad (Black bait, gold back)
    1 Rapala Shallow Shad Rap custom painted in Lavender Shad.
    6 Bomber Fat A’s in various colors
    5 OLD model cranks. Storm Wort, 2 old school bandits, old school Rebel, unknown Japanese bait.
    38 Baits. $120

    Spinnerbaits in a Falcon Box
    18 Assorted Baits. Whites, Chartreauses mainly. Booyahs, Leverage, Big Mouth Lures. Probably have extra blades and skirts somewhere you can have too

    Buzzbaits in a Falcon Spinnerbait/Buzzbait combo box
    19 Buzzbaits. Whites, Chartreauses. Booyah’s, Hammerin Hares, and a lot of custom baits.

    Jerkbaits Box
    6 XPS jerkbaits (largest size) in assorted colors
    5 BPS jerkbaits (smaller sizes)
    2 Excaliber x3 jerkbaits (Gold and Silver)
    1 Rapala X Rap in Hot Steel
    1 Rapala Husky Jerk in White/Clear
    2 XPS jerkbaits in Bone White
    1 BassMasters jerkbait in Olive Shad (big jerkbait, AWESOME bait)
    1 Lucky Craft Slender Pointer 112m in Chartreause Blue
    1 Reaction Strike jerkbait in White
    3 Daiwa jerkbaits
    1 Strike King jerkbait in Gizzard Shad
    3 Smithwick Rattlin Rouges (1 custom paint )
    1 BPS Lucky Craft Stacey King Jerk 80 in Sexy Shad
    1 BPS Lucky Craft Stacey King Jerk 100 D2R in Sexy Shad
    3 Yo-Zuri Duel 3D (sp) deep diving versions)
    32 baits. $110.

    Hard Swimbait Box –
    Jackall Giron
    XPS Z-9 (?) jointed bait in Trout
    4 Reaction Strike Bull Breams
    1 Reaction Strike Bass Candy in Bass (paint chips)
    1 Reaction Strike Trout Clone in Trout (needs a new tail)
    2 7” AC Minnows (Rainbow Trout and Shad)
    1 “Dingo” in Rainbow Trout, an absolute ripoff of the Spro BBZ-1 8” trout. This is 9.5 I believe. It looks good in the water. With spare tail/fins.
    11 baits. $140

    Musky Box –
    2 Manns Stretch 20’s
    2 Mepps Musky Killer inline spinners
    1 Reaction Strike “Da Glide” in Mother of Pearl
    2 custom made musky inline spinners
    3 Shark Attack Bulldawg style lures. 2 dark colors (both never used) one in Walleye (tail cut in half, can be glued back on very easily). Lures stretch to 16 inches, weigh about a pound each.
    10 lures. $120

    Custom Spinnerbaits in a Plano Storage Box.
    8 Assorted baits. Weights up to 1.5 oz. I think there’s a few stragglers somewhere else that will get added. Whites, Rainbow Trout, Shad, Chartreause/White
    8 baits. $20

    Following Boxes contain mixes of proven plastics (at least for me). All baits out of original packaging but none used. Premium stuff (Yamamoto, BPS, Zoom mainly) but I’m not listing individual contents.
    Grubs Box – Lots of Yamamato. 7 brands. About 30 pieces. $15
    Lizards Box – All Zoom. 5 colors. About 30 pieces. $15
    Senko’s Box – Mainly BPS and Tiki-Stiks. About 100 pieces $20
    Creatures Box – Lots of Zoom, some Reaction Strike, Manns, BPS. 10 different styles. About 50 baits $20
    Jigs and Trailers Box – 14 Jigs approx 30 trailers $20
    Finesse box – Roboworms, Fish Belly, Senkos, Centapedes. A great mix for dropshotting. About 40 baits. $25 ( the two bags of Fish Belly plastics were 20 alone)
    Assorted Plastics – A box of very random plastics. Trick Worms, Craws, Worms. Whatever else I can find. Current count at 22 bags. Throwing all other plastics into this box, without raising the price. Guaranteed not to disappoint. $40

    17 UNPAINTED from the factory Rat-L-Traps ¼ ounce. Never painted, never fished. $35
    24 Random crankbaits. Most need hooks. Or paint (read: Custom paint jobs I never finished) and one or two might have busted off bills. Most of them are fishable, but there’s no treasures in here. Would be great for younger kids or for your buddies who lose all your good crankbaits. $35

    Daiichi Bleeding Bait Treble Hooks light wire round bend size 4. 100 count package. I’ve used a few. Going to guess conservatively and say 80 remain. $25

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