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Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by FINADDICT*, May 29, 2012.

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    We have a generator that the output is 110V.I would like to be able to run it to the shore power on the boat while under way saving the bateries for other purposes.I have heard people blowing up things while doing this,frying electronics,burning wires ect ect.What is your experience with this?I would really appreciate some input.Thanks in advance...
  2. abdiver7777

    If the generator is operating properly how does the boat know where the power source is coming from?
  3. kindafishy

    x2 i do it all the time.

    good point....
  5. Fish_Magnet

    Does the generator have an invert-er (I think that's what it is called) this way if there is a surge it wont fry any thing.

    ill have to check on that,i know it has an external ground but i have never used it while operating the squid light.the earth ground is a screw thats on the side of generator that you connect the ground wire to then attach that to a pole then into the ground (dirt),i was thinking to conect it to the boat motor somewhere???.ill check..also,its a cheaper(but works good)harbor freight genny..i really wish i had the balls to go try,just not there yet...i think ill continue to do some research..
  7. gecsr1

    Your generator needs to be big enough to supply all your 110 v accessories if you plug it in to your shore power plug... or you need to turn off what accessories that you dont need at the breakers in your panel...(if you have a 110 circuit breaker panel)... so you don't over load the genny .

    I run a 5000 watt inverter on my boat ( which runs on it's own batteries two 170 amp hr. agm 's my third charger bank charges these when at the dock. I use a battery isolator so I can charge both batteries on one charger lead.) and have it wired in to the generator circuit in my panel. My panel was made for a optional generator...

    Works great it will even run the A/C....
  8. elliott 53

    if it is not large enough to power all the 110 on the boat dont do it. keep it on the swim step or deck and just plug what you want directly into it...

    :hali_parkutuli:hhhhmmmmmmmmm...well im glad i waited.i think the genny only kicks out about 900 watts...not nearly enough...i like the inverter concept..ill have to look into that

    if thats not a baaaad ass plank it yours?i beieve ive seen it many times out there..well i think what im going to do is find the plug for the generator to pug into shore power...the main thing i want to do is charge the batteries for say a weekend at catalina...
  11. Crashmister

    Done all the time. Just make sure everythings properly fused, & wired correctly. I'd also reccommend a Shore/Generator switch. Nice fool proof measure.

    so speaking of fuses,the boat has all fuses and i believe all is wired correctly.all electronics are indepently fused.builge ect ect the fool proof measure which would be a shore/generator switch at the main breaker panel/switch pannel in the cabin would be connected to its own independent breaker at the pannel therfore eliminating any fuses that might be needed if the fool proof measure wasnt taken?wires would then be taken from the shore power inlet 110 directly to the new switch at the pannel,then say to an outlet. and also bridge the wire to charger too?all i really want to do with the generator is 1.charge the bateries when on long trips 2.make a cup of coffee.
  13. J-Dog

    I put a switch to turn off my battery charger while using my 110 (shore or dock) power while I am running the engine. I heard you should avoid starting or running the engine while you battery charger is running. The alternator or battery charger can be damaged by competing with one another and overloading each other. I was told it is like turning your battery switch off or switching position while running your engine. I have never blown an alternator, so I am not an expert. However I have followed these steps to avoid becoming a first hand expert.
  14. wils

    plug those two items directly into your 900 watt generator. its pretty simple to do and needs no extra drama..
  15. Crashmister

    Not sure if I understand the description you gave. The switch I'm refering to is a 3 position switch, shore, off, generator. With this type of switch it's impossible to have both on at the same time. Also there's a reason for fuses over breakers. Breakers fail, fuses don't. Remember, breakers or fuses are there to protect the wiring not the appliance. Breakers can and do fail closed. Fuses don't. The easy fix for this is to use a fuse rated for the wire and then breaker that line at a lessor value. Say you have a #12 wire rated at 20 amps, you'd want to fuse it at 20 and breaker it at 15. It's not as critical on the AC side of your system as it is on the DC side. The single largest cause of marine fires is an improperly fused or wired DC system. Here's a pretty good DIY on it. Boater'sGuide.pdf

    wish it was that simple,i can see it for the coffee to just plug it in,,but not the charger..i dont see how you would just plug into the charger.there is a main breaker switch pannel inside the cabin that says"charger" on it that only work when the 110 is hooked up thats where the generator comes in.the connection is not like a standard plug that you just plug into a wall...once the 110 is pluged in,then you have house power which then you can charge batteries,run refrig.utilize outlets ect ect.heres some pictures.

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  17. wils

    get a cheap one from pep boys, etc. your current gen will run it and the coffee maker.
  18. gecsr1

    Your 900 watt generator are talkin the harbor freight one...If so that has only one 110 outlet and it may only be may cause some problems if you were to make a 30amp to 15 amp cord to plug into the shore power inlet...
    Just saying......

    Thats a great point...i will check the amps on the generator.i understand just keep it simple stupid,but we did the whole run the cord to the geny thing in the cabo,between rods people chords,ect,the deck gets confusing.i really like the point that was made about having a generator shore power switch at the main pannel...i dont see any other way of charging the batteries at this always,got some good input.
  20. clelandracing

    I currently have a power inverter mounted on my boat, it runs the coffee pot, tv, dvd player and a 110 volt led light bar that i use at night. I also have a small harbor freight generator with a single 15 amp 110 plug. I bought an adapter at home depot and it plugs into my shore power plug and that way i can use the generator. never had a problem yet, i only have the generator as a OH SHIT device. I would like to be able to start that up and charge the batts if anything ever happened, but as far as electric on the water, its always the inverter. below is the adapter i am talking about.

    hope that helps

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