Gear setup for 5-6 day trips to Guadalupe

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by joelgame, Oct 27, 2011.

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  1. joelgame

    Hey guys I am new to the forum, and new to long range fishing. Looking to go on a couple long range trips next year starting in the Summer. Have done a bunch of 1-2 day offshore trips, but have yet to pull on any tuna over 50lbs or bigger yellowtail over 30lbs. This is what I have for gear, any input is appreciated.

    1. calstar GF 700 ML w/ progear 255 (20# bait)

    2. calstar GF 700 MH w/ progear CS625 (30# bait)

    3. calstar GF 700 H w/ progear albacore special 282 (40# bait)

    4. calstar 90j w/ progear CS600 (Jig stick)

    I am guessing I need a bigger bait setup for 50-60 #test. Going to get a custom bait stick wrapped. Any suggestions on reels, I am thinking an Avet JX 6/3. As you might be able to tell I am big on function not looks or gimmics.

    Am I covering my bases? Thanks
  2. NorthShore41

    50/60 sounds like something that may double as a yoyo/ dropper loop/ whatever bigger setup. If you really like avet and two speed get the HX for that size (unless you were looking at a Raptor) and another consideration that I love is the Baja Special by Peee
  3. Cast Gold

    A small Makaira, big Tallica, or Accurate BX 400/500 may offer more versatility than the JX 6/3 in the 50 lb+ application. There are others that I have not personally fished with that would be worth consideration here as well (Penn Torque, Avet HX/HX Raptor, etc.)

    I have a JX 6/3 that I have not fished with since 2006, but I keep it as a 40# backup rig. I use an BX2-400 for 50# and a B2-600N for 60#. If I had to start from scratch right now, I'd look to the Makairas first.

  4. BigfishDM

    Dont bother bringing a 20# setup, I would double up on your 40# though
  5. tunanorth

    Most often at Guadalupe, you will fish bait on 40, but when they are biting, you can go to 50. Ultra-short fluoro topshots are often key.
    For 40- upcoming Penn TRQ25NLD-2 [classic 501 size] on 800H rod.
    For 50- upcoming Penn TRQ30LD-2 [classic 99 size] on 800XH rod.
    If you may graduate to longer Alijos Rocks trips, consider bumping up to the Penn 12VSX for the 50 [and even 60]; the extra line capacity may be helpful when you hook one of the "mini cows" that occasionally lurk there.
    Photo is 92.5 pounder aboard Searcher at Guadalupe last month on TRQ25NLD2.

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  6. whammy

    exactly what he said! you will be fishing 40# 80% of the time, dont waste your time on 20# but definitely bring doubles of 40# and bring a 60-80# outfit just in case you want to do some night time dropper loop stuff for the yellows. also I would personally run short top shots on all your rigs that way if you really need a 50# reel you can just run a short topshot of 50 # flouro on your 40# rig and use that.
  7. joelgame

    Anyone fish a Saltist 40 2 speed? I went by Kens reels the other day and he recommended I use that reel for 50# test
  8. saltwaterfish

    I use a sx & jx raptor 99% of the time for bait or yo-yo
    someone mentioned hx = way too big
    if you dont want raptor - jx is a great choice
  9. okie man

    a makaira 10 for 40-50# and a 15 for 60#. no other small 2 speed reel has the cranking power of these reels. remember you"ll be playing beat the white sharks and being able to keep turning the handle is what wins!
  10. matrixx611

    Bring the JX for another #40 setup!
  11. coosk8er55

    yea .. take a 25, 30, 40, 40, 50, 60 .. that should be good enuf... if you REALLY want a kite set up take one too .. other than that you should be more than set ... also you could drop the 60 completely if you wanted ... trust me KEEP the 50!!!!!
  12. Mr GreenJeans

    While it is true you won't use the 20 at the Lupe, on the trip back you may spend some time offshore fishing for school size tuna. Offshore you may get some use out of your 20 rig.
  13. wils

    20# bass rig will be used more than once in the evenings before and after dinner.

    your dropper should be in the 80# range with a 2-speed. your trolling rig easily doubles-up here. A 50#+ YT could (will?) make mince-meat of your 50# single-speed dropper rig at "hook-up!".

    in my experience, the sharks will give you about 30 minutes to get a 100# yft to gaff. Is your 40# albacore special up to the task?

    if you have the bucks, dedicate a rig for each.
  14. tunanorth

    So true, and "IF" the dominant baitfish happens to switch back to anchovies like it was for about 30 years, the 20-pound combo will probably become everybody's "go to" local offshore outfit, especially for albacore.
  15. joelgame

    I was thinking the 20# and 30# setups would be mainly used for local tuna fishing on the way down and back up. I was thinking the albacore special would be good for a 40# setup, it has almost 30# drag and the low gears 3.6 to 1. I was thinking it would be good for bait fishing and the 50# set up would be good for both yo-yoing and bait fishing, with the 2 speed reel. Thanks guys the info is great.
  16. PescadorPete

    I think the PG282 is more like 6:1, not 3.6:1, might be tough to crank on a big tuna. Now a PG540L in 3.6:1 is a good choice for 40# in this situation, that's one I use or the PG545 3.3:1. Light low mass spool that casts well. My 50# rig is two speed and the dropper loop rig is 80# two speed.
  17. slash


    I took Ken's recommendation on a Saltist 40 2-speed last year and like it so much I got another one this year. Pulled on a number of YFT in the 75# range last year and some big yellows and grouper deep this year. The reel always performed perfectly.

    It is really light, casts incredible, and flylines like a star-drag. The drag is flawless and it cranks great under pressure. I have about 650 yds. of 50# izor spectra on them and use them mostly for 40#/50# short top-shots but you could do 60# easy and you still have room for a wind-on if you want.

    The reel really helped improve my bait presentation and my ability to finish off a fish once it is straight up and down.

    This is Ken's recommendation above all others for small, 2-speed reels for 50#. As with all things reel, his recommendation on this one is spot on.
  18. Dsmith

    Almost every trip I've taken to the Lupe we got a shot at the calico's. I say take the 20 and stick it in the rack. If you get a chance to fish the kelp you will get some hog bass. If not then oh well.

    take it.
  19. johndtuttle

    Just 2 more cents on a good dropper rig (at least 60-80lb or more if you want to target BIG Sea Bass).

    There will be plenty of times when you want something "no-brainer" on a 5-6day like pinning on a bait and then moving well away from the cluster in the corner (where everyone's fly-lined baits are commonly drifting into a giant tangle) to patiently fish a bait on the bottom in piece and quiet in the shade of the cabin etc. etc. with a little more elbow room.

    It works on every thing from Mossback Yellows, WSB and Grouper (and other mystery bottom dwellers) to larger model Tuna mid-column when they are on the chew.

    Even a hardcore jigger/popper like me takes a dropper loop rig when you want to pull on a fish, but are semi-beat from casting all day or sick of the stern vibe and want easy mode just to see what's down there :).
  20. joelgame

    thanks guys for all the input. I actually made a mistake the progear 40# setup is the 540 with the low gears. With the two speed 40/50# setup I should be covered for almost all types of fishing and have two 40/50# capable setups to go with my jig stick and smaller bait setups.