Garcias, San Quintin

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by James Sterling, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. James Sterling

    Fished with Eddy from Garcias sport fishing Thursday and Friday of last week. Weather was a little cool but the fishing was great on both days. Loaded up with a lot of rock fish. If you want to catch fish call Bear, Eddy or Gordo at Garcias pangas.
    Thanks for everything Eddy you are a great captain and a great person.

    Jim Jones
  2. kf6cmp

    Always fish with Gordo or Eddie! Waiting for yellows to show.
  3. TunaLu14

    Jimmy Jones! Where are the pics?? Just four of you guys??

  4. rex

    Show some pic`s
  5. James Sterling

    What up Luis? Will post some pics when I figure out how. Hows Diego treating ya?
    Good to hear from ya. Wheres the rest of the clan?
  6. TunaLu14

    Whats going on Jimmy Jones, Diego is treating me pretty damn well, can't complain, and get to spend a lot of time in Ensenada, and around La Jolla, getting some yellows,

    rest of the clan is scattered, most up in Sacramento, Eric moved to Michigan, the crazy kid, but they all still talk about you, you going to come along with the next kids trip to SQ? I think it may be late sept.

    See ya soon Jimmy.