G-Urushi with a "Twist"

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by JTrelikes, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. JTrelikes

    Well..........like I said in my last post, been playing around with variations with Cap'n G's beautiful Urushi art. This one I guess you could say is another "bowl of soup" idea, LOL

    Urushi between some candy stripe thread that has som olive branching in it, separated by a bit of marbling to offset what I wanted to do under the guides......

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  2. 1:11

    turned out cool, the urushi is quite pleasant.
  3. tloucks

    I just cant comprehend anyone having the advanced thought processes and ideas that you do. and then the ability to put them all together and create a rod like that.
    That rod is plain ass awesome.

  4. JTrelikes

    Thanks Tom! How's everything been coming along with your work lately my friend?
  5. Zombie

    Nice but where's the Mermaid?
  6. tloucks

    Slowly but surely. I am working on another personal rod. an 8'6" Loomis blank that I will be using for so cal surf fishing. By no means comparable to what I see on this board,but I am still making progress. Will post up a photo when done.

  7. Pedro473

    Superb Jim, you must have come close to running out of room to fit all that in.

  8. JTrelikes

    I'll be looking forward to seeing that one! :)

    ...........sorry Randy, didn't save as much space that time. To be honest, in both cases the photo inlays were after thoughts since these were both going up for grabs down at LB&T. So I got a chance to just do the improv thing. ;)

    But you're right........I like the mermaid too! Much more attractive than a fisheye. LOL
  9. Wiseguy

    Dam that's beautiful! It looks like you got that g urushi technique down really good!
  10. JTrelikes

    Thanks Jimmy..........but I'm sure traditionals would say I'm not using enough black to really call it true "Urushi". Maybe Cap'n G will chime in and tell us. Whatever it is I'm doing here.........was definitely his inspiration. Brent's stuff played a huge factor as well. ;)
  11. fishinkid2010

    That looks incredible! How many coats of epoxy went over that wrap to get it so smooth?
  12. bassmandan

    Freak of nature. Nothing more needs to be said ;)
  13. Looney Tunes

    Beautiful work all around. Plenty of possibilities with the urushi.
  14. Rodcrafter

    JT, you friggen rock!
  15. jaycook

    Outstanding Jim. Those gold leaf looking pieces right above the grip, is that the same thing you used on your soldiers contribution at the Texas rod show?
  16. JTrelikes

    ...........uh, lemme see here, three coats of finish.

    And yes, those would be the same style lil' gold leaf thingy's from the Texas rod you're refering to. Damn! You guys don't miss a thing around here nowadays do ya? LOL

    Thanks for the nice comments. :)
  17. jiggyn

    another sick build
  18. YT Addict

    DUDE!!! I'm not even worthy!!! :notworthy That is the ultimate compliment Jim. And this build is just plain mind-boggling to say the least.
  19. Capt. G

    The whole rod looks great--especially the "eye".

    Jimmy---not set formula for an Urushi....If you use some shell chips (or very thick veneer pieces), mixed in with paint (lacquer and pigments), you have the fundamentals for an Urushi. You can add whatever else you want.
  20. babachu

    sweet-great combination of effects