G Urushi Gaff

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by SALTYDAWG, May 22, 2012.

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  1. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    This is another raffle item for the BDOutdoors Yellow Tail Shootout, a Steve Tomyiama quick and easy basket weave handle and my 1st attempt at Capt. G's Urushi. I wishe I would have read the whole article on this technique instead of just look at the pictures :D I ended up using too thick pieces of ab shells and burnt up a motor on my Clemens trying to get it sanded down, finally took it out in the yard and roughed it ou rout with a belt sander and finished it off on the lathe

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  2. sdfish13

  3. Wiseguy

    Thats awsome!
  4. 1:11

    Gorgeous Bill
  5. EdH

  6. planks5

    Really nice Bill...love that color scheme
  7. FAT CAT

    Nice results. Sorry about the motor.
  8. Dust Devil

    Sure looks better than the gold aluminium one I have used!

    That G Urushi is pure sickness, I want to copy it and call it my own on the interweb.
  9. Looney Tunes

    Very nice, a beautiful mix of ocean-like colors.
  10. makohunterz

    did the exact same thing
  11. Capt. G

    First, it looks greater than great...on the phone you said you were so pissed at how your motors were burning up , and how , at that time you said it looked like a pile of TK, that you wanted kill dead the inventor of the Urushi method. Boy, I am sure glad I had Vol 3 sector 4 of Polesmoker Mag, which clearly states that it was Colby Williams that invented the urushi method, last week.

    Anyway , perhaps you should have read the article by Colb (we are buds, so I can call him Colb). In it, it clearly states that you should unhook your Clemens wimpy electric motor, and replace it with this baby:

    A Renzetti motor.jpg
    Complete will foot pedal...
  12. Ebb_tide33

    Wow! Nice job on that gaff Salty. This is something that I have yet to try & build. I actually need a nice little hand gaff for my bote so you have given me a boost to try it this Summer.

    Are there any gaff building tutorials online that you recommend?

    You guys put out some cool stuff on here.
  13. tsuribakagaijin

    Very cool!!
  14. bassmandan

    Oh snap! Even Bill can do an urushi and make it look good. Good stuff!
  15. YT Addict

    Holy moly Bill that is sweet! Especially for your first!!! Glad to see you're doing the G-urushi, it's alot of fun! Well, except for burning motors out. I hit mine with a rough file first to get it down to a workable piece for turning and then get the sanding block with 60 grit. Just remember not to breath that dust in...really really bad for your lungs.
  16. JTrelikes

    That came out sweet lookin' dude! Sorry about the motor.........guess I won't be getting your old one now. :(
  17. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    still got the old motor for ya, I got a brand newbie:D
  18. Rodcrafter

    Great work as usual Bill.
  19. Capt. G

    Guys, I got you covered on the motors.....I just bought four Renzetti, and two Clemen's motors from Comedie. Price was right. In fact, it did seem a little too cheap.
  20. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Funny stuff, Me and Jim bought 2 of those motors from comedie, they were both defective