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  1. la vida

    Im sitting in the airport San Jose Costa Rice.Not a fishing or fun trip.I've been keeping some of my old fishing junk here and thought I needed to being it home.So here is the dope I had to dump all my line at the xray line it was a giant pain in the ass and entertained many people.So there it is.No line on carry on bags C.R. See ya:imdumb::imdumb::imdumb::imdumb::imdumb::fighting0061::fighting0061::fighting0061::loverz:
  2. Josh D

    That must be a new rule?
    Thanks for the info!!
  3. joe j.

    It happened to me in Liberia in November except the Cop made the girl from American take my Orvis fly reel and my Shimano Stella. They would not even let me put them in my checked baggage at this point. When I got home I called my attorney in Liberia and he picked them up at the airport and gave them to the guy that I fish with in Coco and a friend that was down there picked the up and brought them back. Talk about a pain in the ass!!
  4. fish is a fish

    Who is on first... :imdumb:Sounds like a pain.
  5. tap BD Writer

    My last flight to Panama on Continental in late July there was an "embargo" which means the 50 lb. limit on checked baggage could not be exceeded even by paying over-weight fees. That mean't I had to dig about 35 lbs. of reels and other gear out of my main bag and transfer to a carry on bag. The airline had no problem with my six reels filled with Spectra. Coming back I was only 3 lbs. above the limit and was able to get under fairly easily and checked my reels through with the main bag. I've never had a problem with lost fishing gear going to Panama but I sure didn't like carrying heavy bags around the Houston airport because of the embargo. Part of the problem we all face is that every airline, personnel and destination can screw with you because there are no universal rules to follow. Even getting to your destination without incident doesn't mean you'll be treated the same way on the return.

    Tony Pena
    "The Roving Angler"
  6. iclypso

    Wouldn't let you put them in checked baggage? WTF? You can bring a speargun but not a fishing reel? Even if you removed the line?