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Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by hoober, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. hoober

    just bought a new 1623 furuno from boaters world today for 999.00 . was 1299.00 . if this is old news sorry, i think i got a good deal ? anyone looking for one better get one soon , i believe its a close out item .
  2. Outlawman

    Sounds like a great price, but I haven't been shopping radars for a while. Any idea what the differences are between a 1622 and your new one?
  3. Steel Leader

    your going to like that thing, mines a relic compared to yours (1621) but I still wouldn't go without it. I like the fact that yours can zoom to 1/8mi, mine goes 1/4 max. furuno, best there is for sure. also the waypoint/nema interface on your is sweet!
  4. lokegirl48

    Good price, nice simple unit to give you peace of mind. As far as the 21, 22, 23 I think they are just newer versions of the same radar, 22 & 23 have a little bit higher transmitter power. Basic but hey it's collision avoidance insurance right?!!
  5. kerncat

    Along the lines of the 1621-22-23 all being similar, does anyone know for sure if the units are interchangable using the same dome? I've got an old 1621 that works ok but see the newer ones advertised from time to time without the dome at pretty reasonable prices...if I could just change out the unit and leave the dome and wiring as is, I'd probably do it..also, there is a mark 2 series of the 1621..same question about the dome and wiring here.
  6. Humble Pie

    Wow, that is a good price...did you get the non cable or cable unit? It's not on the site anymore
  7. marlyn

    i paid 1199 at boaters world a year ago,you got a deal
  8. triton2486

    That's what i have on mine.
  9. hoober

    yes ,this is a complete system

    What about the model 1715? It's a couple of hundred more, and from what I can tell goes out to 24NM from the 1623's 18NM, and has what seems to be a lower profile radome. I am oing to get one of these 2 units very soon, and is there much difference between the 2, or is the cheaper one the way to go?
  11. Humble Pie

    For one, the 1715 has a 7" screen as opposed to the 6" on the 1623.
    14 range scales to the 1623's 13.
    The radome is 18" vs 15."
    And then the obvious difference is the range...24miles vs 16 miles

    I can help you when your ready to purchase