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Discussion in 'Panama & Central America Fishing Reports' started by Madfish22, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. Madfish22

    How important is the full moon in marlin and tuna fishing in Panama/CR? Is the few days right after the moon that much of a drop off?
  2. RedAg

    I hate the first few days after a full moon for any kind of fishing. JMO
  3. tap BD Writer

    I always try to fish the week before the full moon in the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama because my experience over the years (and confirmed by many local captains) is that the pelagic bite (marlin, etc.) is at a peak then. On and shortly after the full the bite can slow down and it can also be more difficult to make bait at night. There is also the possibilty of strong north winds sweeping down from the isthmus mountains which can create some nasty white cap seas, especially near shore. Bottom line, if you have an opportunity to fish Panama go whenever you can because chances are even on a "slow" day it will probably be better than most other countries.

    Tony Peña
    "The Roving Angler"