Full Moon and Steady

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Dream Weaver 1, Feb 20, 2011.

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  1. Dream Weaver 1

    Fishing this past week has been consistent for Stripped Marlin with some nice sized Dorado mixed in, especially given it was a full moon cycle. We had a total of 14 Stripped Marlin in 5 days of fishing which was a little better than average? Everything seemed to be working, trolled lures, trolling Ballyhoo and pitching live bait to the tailing Marlin. Most of our action has been on the Sea of Cortez side from the 95, 1150 and the Gordo Banks both Inner and Outer. It seems at least one boat a day is catching a Swordfish. Water temperature is holding at 70 F to 73F and still a lot of bait in the water.

    Note the last solo Marlin picture - that green stuff just left of the Marlin is when the green mono line snapped and was recoling back - you can even see the clear leader leaving the Marlin's mouth just as the picture was snapped.


    Capt. Ramon Hiram Montaño
    Dream Weaver Sportfishing
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  2. Hough

    Great pictures and report as usual Capt. Ramon. Glad to hear the Marlin are still hanging around and even a chance at a Swordfish. Will be back down to fish with you in May and say hello to Jaime.

    Good Luck

  3. brantc

    Nice report Ramon.

    Sounds like now's the time to get a Swordy
  4. baja kid

    Capt-n Ramon, Thank you . What size Dorado are in the mix and what have they been taking?
  5. Dream Weaver 1

    Hi Kelly,

    The Dorado have been nice sized, 25-35 lbs.
    and they continued to be around this week over
    on the Sea of Cortez in and around Gordo Banks.
    Stripped Marlin also continue to be in the same
    area. We've caught the Dorado with trolled
    Ballyhoo and we have good luck with
    the Bomboy Baby Locknut in pink & blue.

    Capt. Ramon Hiram Montano
    Dream Weaver Sportfishing
  6. zanegler

    Good job Ramon. Here is a picture of the Bomboy Baby Locknut in pink & blue. This may be the actual lure Ramon was using.
    • Full Moon and Steady-locknut-baby.JPG