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Discussion in 'Contests' started by Marcus, Nov 16, 2011.

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  1. Marcus

    Quick Dog Productions and Raney Ranch Retrievers are offering up 5 DVD’s to 5 lucky BD members.

    All you have to do is post up a picture in this thread of your favorite four legged friend in the field or anywhere!


    The winner will be chosen by a random number generator corresponding with your post.

    Please have all submissions in by December 14, 2011

    For more information, visit or

    Click this link to read the original post:

  2. Huntndogs

    Not a Lab, but she has always been a great retriever....

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  3. Sluester

    The last couple days... The boy worked hard for me.

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  4. brantc

    Mine's pitching :)

    mav brownie.jpg
  5. talltale

    The black lab looks happy!
  6. ezsmith

    What Oklahoma Waterfowl hunting is all about enjoy all you california guys and if any one would like to go out there and hunt give me a call 405-501-1012 I can tell you all the great not used public spots that have no draw just have to have a license my doges are drake and ulla, ulla means little bear in Hawaiian i think
  7. cj5orion

    I'll give it a shot

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  8. Cory Admin

    goofing off at Fiesta Island a few weeks back.

  9. chase4


    Our four year old chocolate lab likes to go out on our boat to see dolphins and whales. She just can't figure out how to catch one yet.
  10. Alan

    My best friend

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  11. Spartan44

    My Dog Storm

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  12. okie man

    here's cheeto

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  13. dbar

    Here is my Monster.........

  14. chase4

    Fern, a four year old chocolate lab, has received 3 metals for her surfing
    expertise. She also enjoys fishing and hunting.
  15. Swarthy Dago

    I sure miss my black labs. They were so so easy to train. They just love to do that stuff don't they ?

    This is Pixie

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    My hunting dog

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  18. jeffzou

    Brother and sister. He was the runt of a 9 pup litter. Now, after 4 years, he is 6 inches taller than his sister and the rest of his litter mates. She is sneaky and loving...he's an athletic ballplayer! Great dogs......they love everyone ! And as most Golden owners will tell you, sometimes that is not such a good thing...

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  19. I'M OFF

    Here is the "hypnotist", and the newest member to the family.

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  20. frijolitos

    Nebraska hunt 2011

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