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  1. Dream Weaver 1

    A few fishermen from the past several days. A 15 year old young lady and her brother, deep sea fishing for the first time along with dad. One of our regulars, 85 years young Sy from Southern California. Sy caught that 250# Swordfish several months ago and keeps coming back for more.

    Water temperature is back up to 80F - 83F and the Marlin and bigger sized Dorado are close, very close. We had these Dorado just 2 miles from the Marina as well as Marlin. Tuna were further out but again in with the Porpoise. The Dorado seemed to like Ballyhoo and the Marlin were tailing and hitting live bait. Feathers and Cedar Plugs worked well with the Yellowfin Tuna.

    Good Luck to everyone coming to Cabo.

    Capt. Ramon Hiram MontaƱo
    Dream Weaver Sportfishing
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  2. PezGallo2

    Thanks for the update Ramon! Glad to hear it's picking back up. We've got a client fishing today & tomorrow. Hope they do as good as you guys did.


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