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Discussion in 'Gun Talk' started by Swarthy Dago, Jun 11, 2011.

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  1. Swarthy Dago

    Here is a list of the most free states to the worst in regards to gun control, government intrusion etc. CA is 48, figures.

    State Freedom Rankings
  2. frijolitos

    oregon and idaho in the top 10....and poor ol shitty washington (my native state) way down at number 40. then again washington wasn't that bad until about 93 when the kalifornians invaded the place and fucked it all up.
  3. carcass

    Don't see how Vermont is that low. They pretty much have no gun laws. No permit needed for open or concealed carry and low crime. Yes, its a liberal state but its gun laws are almost non-existent.
  4. stairman

    uh was the other way around
  5. zigzag

    BIG T is way down the list and Arizona also.Me thinks the list needs a little refinement.
  6. TROB

    It makes me so happy to be leaving #48 and moving to #4 in August.....what a relief
  7. BigfishGreg

    The criteria on how each state was numbered where it is would be helpful.
  8. Albacrazy


    Just went out and shot my AR's with 40 round clips yesterday :2gunsfiring_v1:
  9. Swarthy Dago

    word !
  10. Swarthy Dago

    There's a link underneath #50. Hope that gets you the answers. I think it does.
  11. Tues

    Too funny.

    Ok, I'll ask the question:

    What rules and regs do you want to see? What's fair and/or right?

    Let's see 5 bullet points, with a sentence or two per...
  12. frijolitos

    xplain please.......I was a builder in the late 80's and 90's and we had a huge population explosion in wash and tons of homebuyers were selling their homes in cali for a bundle and buying a comprable house in washington for cheap. not to many crazy assed regulations at that time and things sure changed.......then again I split to mexico in 97 for 13yrs and left that behind me. You are probably right though in the fact that alot of those same californians couldn't take the shitty seattle weather and probably moved badk home when they could sell the now over-valued seattle home and get the same comprable home back again in cali......crazy shit huh!!!

    maybe we are both right
  13. TacoHunter


    This is about gun control?
  14. Fishslayer

    -Shitcan the handgun roster.
    -No permit required for open carry
    -No FFL required for PPT
    -"Shall Issue" for CCW
    -No restrictions on caliber or magazine capacity

    That'll do for starters...
  15. Vermonster

    I was going to say the same thing. It's ranked either 1 or 2 in most surveys I have seen. Cash and carry, little to no paperwork, etc. One thing I still like about my home state.... ;)

    Edit: Just saw that this ranking has very little to do with gun laws. It's simply "Most free states". If you are posting this in the gun forum, and talking about guns, then Vermont is close to, if not at the top.....

    Heck, the Brady campaign hates Vermont, so that's a good thing.....

  16. Tues

    I don't know all the current regs in AZ but I'm pretty sure that's all legal here.

    I guess my point is...I don't understand how AZ is ranked 22. I think the laws are fair, and I'm not sure how much more open/"free" I would like to see them. I do believe in a little goverment control on who owns a gun and how one is purchased.

    I would personaly like to see a IQ test, but I guess the stupid have rights too.
  17. The Notorious S.U.A.

    I agree with everything but the open carry part.

    for some reason, the only people you see involved in the open carry movement are people who shouldnt be owning guns in the first place, its just a huge attention whoring exercise.
    you should add "Allow SBR/SBS and suppressors" to the list.
  18. TacoHunter

    Freedom includes being able to do something someone else thinks is a huge attention whoring exercise.

    I visited AZ earlier this month. Saw an older guy walking down the street with a six shooter setup cross draw, with cowboy boots, spurs, and all. Not for me, but I thought 'right on!'
  19. The Notorious S.U.A.

    I appreciate the "Freedom" aspect of it, but you have to look at the bigger picture here. We're basically fighting a war of public opinion when it comes to gun control. we dont need pictures of guys in BDU's and the standard gun show racism t-shirts walking around with open carry AK's plastered all over the news/internet.
    When it comes down to it, Open carry isnt even a good idea, who do you think the criminal is going to take out first, the guy who is wearing a gun and might be a threat or the guy who has his concealed and just looks like another citizen?
  20. TacoHunter

    I personally wouldn't open carry, especially unloaded. ... however, it could be argued that the BG may think twice if there were a few open armed people around. I don't feel strongly enought to argue either side of that though.

    Whether the events help any is debatable. The Calguns Foundation lawyers will request they stand down at times when important cases are underway, so as to not draw any unwanted attention. I have no problem with these guys. They are probably doing more for the cause than me.