Free at last, Free at last 7-5-08

Discussion in 'The Bass Fishing Club' started by OCPoacher, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. OCPoacher

    Those of you that know me, know that I fish 4+ nights aweek when work is good (7 if work is busy). I have cought many bass 5,6,7,8,9lbs the largest being 9lbs-12oz. I have been chasing that double digit fix for a while with no relief. Well last night all that changed.

    Well enough of my rambling. This is how I got the monkey off my back.

  2. duanediego

    congrats on the piggie. thats a helluva fish.
  3. DENEK

    Congrats! That's one big ass bass.
  4. scuba e

    wow! congrats homey.
  5. Capt. G

    Lets see, judging by the how you are holding the fish, the circumference of your wedding ring, squared, the angle of the dangle, and such, I would calculate that, and I could be off by a gram or two, that that fish is a 13.6 pound bass.
    Way to Go!
  6. OCPoacher

    I just sent you a note. Consider your website poached. It is a beautiful thing.
  7. clever name

    I want to see a newspaper held up next to that fish PHOTOSHOP!!!
  8. Ali Admin

    Nice fish.

    Back away from the energy drinks....


    Very nice fish!
  10. bassmaster420

    awsome, im glad you finnaly got her congrats dude
  11. OCPoacher

    These eyes run in the family. I come from a long line of night people. We avoid all light, mirrors , garlic, and crosses at all cost. Every since my great great uncle The Count had his terrible accident. You have no idea the risk and pain involved from the camera flash.

    May be I should photo shop in some sunglasses.
  12. SmallieSlammer

    Congratulations on the DD bass, I'm in the same boat you were,I've caught 3 bass over 9# but cant seem to break that DD mark.
    By chance, does your uncle Marty bass fish too?
  13. Bank Robber

    Awesome fish Bret! Congrats on the PB.
  14. Capt. G

    I know what you mean.
    You hear some people say "I don't photograph well".
    I don't show up in photographs at all (have to photoshop 'myself' in later).
  15. OCPoacher

    I find these comments about my deformity hurtful and THREATNING. Because of that I'm telling on all of you. MODERATOR! MODERATOR! Now you will be sorry. Biff I find that comment extremly hurtfull. My doctor says you may have setback my progress many years.
    Here is another pict that hopfully won't scare the children. Or inspire the bullies.
  16. pokerface12

    Congrats on your double digit bass.
  17. jpineda

    nice fish bret