Fred Hall...Is it really that great????

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by Payaso1, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. Payaso1

    I mean really.....the parking is expensive, the tickets aren't cheap, purchasing food and drinks are a fucking joke...and I mean a FUCKING JOKE ($17.00 for ONE double Jack and Coke)!!!!!

    Walking around for a couple of days it just seems like the show has lost its luster....Maybe I'm just bitter this year, but I'm sick of too many Jerkey Booths, lack of bitchen fishing boats, and really "just okay" deals on equipment.

    Am I expecting too much or is this show just shitty now?
  2. sdangler

    Did you go by the BD booth???

    We have a chick this year... And no it's not Ali lipstick and his Moob's.

  3. Payaso1

    Of course...the best part of the show is the BD booth...but I question if it is worth the price of admission (and all the other costs associated with the event) anymore.

    Even the Old No. 7 dock party was VERY light this year...same with the SeniorTuna party. Lack of interest???? Economy???
  4. Saluki

    I enjoyed seeing old friends up and down every aisle.
    The anual trip to FHS used to be to go and buy stuff on sale.
    I don't need any new tackle or gear.
    It's always great to see the guys and gals who usually you only talk to on a mic 60 miles out in the ocean.
    FHS is a great social event for me.
    It was great to see you Mike.
    You can't put a price on friendship.
  5. Payaso1

    :hali_blablalba: Did u catch a fish or not???
  6. sdangler

    I understand where you'e coming from

    IMHO; not that I get to see shit from the LB show...

    It is if you have people that you only see there or have contacts that will bring your "stuff" to the show. It's not about entertainment or deals anymore, it's about seeing the new goodies and maybe finding the rod/reel that you've been looking for for all this time.

    You can still get these things from your local shop but now you know what to ask for. The GG90J was a good example last year and I wouldn't have known about it if I wasn't there. You can search for that model on BD or elsewhere and see what you get.

    Stuff like that...

  7. robbertoe

    growing up in long beach i have been going to the show since i was a kid. back then times were tough for my family so getting in for free and going home with a bag full of free stuff to last me till the next year was the shit.not that i go looking for free stuff but there are plenty of kids im sure who are where i was and let me tell you free stickers can only get you so when vendors put up a stall, they could keep the future anglers in mind.i know im grateful, and i dont mind spending a few bucks here and there but as far as all the time share stalls go fk them.maybe its just me but the show is getting pretty old these days but next year count me absent.ill just buy my t-shirts on line. just my two cents tanx.
  8. Carl

  9. yellowsdie

    Fred Hall show sucks. Go support your local tackle shop.
  10. Bank Robber

    I think you can get around those $17 J n Cs ;) As for the carnival barkers I think they were a little lighter this year or maybe I just finally found the right look to give em LOL Oh and you forgot about the food $12 bucks for a hot dog, coke and bag a chips. I think next year I'll get my hand stamped and go downtown and eat.
    I missed the show last year for the first time in awhile and I regret it cause there are people I only seem to see at the show. I got to meet a lot of new folks this year and my boy Jack got to catch his first fish in the trout pond on Wednesday so I'll be going back next year.

    I think the show has lost a bit of its luster for me too but I think its just cause I'm getting old.
  11. Uh-oh............someone didn't get their "will-call" tickets.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  12. tunafingers

    day at the docks is better
  13. Payaso1

    :rofl: i got mine...but Payaso2 shelled out 15 clams!
  14. seanboi

    the only thing that was a really good deal to me there was the 2 dollar spin at the newportlanding booth i won 3 tickets for 10 dollars off any trip, 1 free half day,half off a 3/4 day and half off an overnighter, best twelve dollars ive spent there haha.
  15. sdangler

    I vote you for best avatar... Hands down.
  16. baja tailhunter

  17. zman91

    i got 4th in the izorline knot competion saw 2 people that i know there, annoyed CJ with some questions and followed my pops around for 3 hours. it isnt worth the drive the del mar show is just as good
  18. zman91

    who do you think buys booths at the show? :imdumb:
  19. Afry

    I had the weekend free and went hooping...and fishing...and hooping again...and fishing again....maybe I'll go to the Del Mar show.

    The FHS is still fun but it's getting kinda like the gun show - pay big bucks to park/eat/drink to save $1 on a box of ammo.
  20. sdangler

    You got 4th?

    That's awesome!

    Ali will kick your ass with $200 worth of worthless knots (but 2 goood ones) at the Del Mar show. He's too busy kissing ass at the LB show to tie knots.