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Discussion in 'Home Built Fishing Lures' started by Big Pancho, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. Big Pancho

    Hello gang got a little time this weekend to complete a few more swimbaits. Check em out.


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  2. robbertoe

    looking good,loving the bottom one
  3. Big Pancho

    Robert that bottom grub has got some great action in the water. Fully extended his sits at 7 3/4 inches long. It should get them girls excited. Its just a matter of time brother. Looking forward in getting these new baits wet. Now its time to start saving again for more silicone to make some production molds. Pouring baits one and a time sucks but in due time brother the molds will be completed so I can start pouring and getting some of these in some anglers tackle boxes so they can enjoy them as much as me. Later brother and God Bless you and yours.

  4. Clay

    The "ribbed" one, It's going to love the butter.
  5. el capo

    Looking good.
  6. Capt. G

    I like them all , Big P, especially the one at the bottom.
    Years ago, I made a swimbait body,m with a curly tail, and called it the "Swimcurl"...and it worked great in SW and FW. The bait has a gill line that can be cut, for use with a jig head, but I liked to fish it with

    an 11/0 offset hook. This one has some wraps of squid-wire, to sink it down a bit faster. The pointed nose slides through the kelp pretty well.

    Bring some of these new pours to Doc's party, so we can check them out.
  7. Big Pancho

    Greg digging the pointy nose on your curl tail bait. I got another one with a not so sharp nose as your but I ruined the mold the other day. I still have the master so will have to remake the mold. Maybe I will taper the nose a little bit more. I will be bringing all of these molds with me to Doc's party. Talk to you later brother.

  8. jmericle

    The bottom bait looks like a T & C calikiller plastic/swimgrub. They work well
  9. Gaji Lures

    Way to go Frank!!!!! I think a bright pink one would go great around the bouys here for the Shibi! Great talking with you the other day and glad that are doing well, my Bruddah!
  10. poncherello

    Yeah the bottom one is sweet! It's fish trap meets blam a la Big Pancho. I've always wanted blams to be a bit bigger. I have finally found it. Great Job! If you get a green with flake production run, please let me know.
  11. Big Pancho

    Kevin's calikiller bait looks awesome. My swimgrub bait fully extended sits at 7 1/4 inches long. There's even a longer one in the works. Can't wait to go fishing again to try out a few new baits. I got a good feeling these baits won't let me down. Till next time.

  12. Big Pancho

    I will shoot you a message if and when I get the time to start pouring baits again. Work has been a bit crazy lately so haven't had time to pour shit. Many other proto types in the works but they to are screaming at me to complete. But once I get some time to come up for air. ITS GAME TIME.

  13. jmericle

    Nice. Bigger is sometimes better. You do great work and love checking out your creations. I would love to try some out if you would ship me some?