Force Marine Boats?

Discussion in 'Hawaii Fishing Reports' started by Stuart, Feb 15, 2006.

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  1. Stuart

    Not exactly a fishing question -- but definitely a Hawaii question. Can any of you Islanders provide some info on Force boats for me? I know they're built at Hilo, but Googling the web up one side and down the other provides very little information about these boats, other than Force's address.

    I've only seen one over here and that was in Mexico. It was definitely a fish killing machine. I've been trying to find out more since then, like sizes they offer, power, general price range, etc. Also, looked like they had a Radon hull design, but I wouldn't swear to it.

    Don't think I've ever encountered a boat with such a total lack of info. Any of you Hawaii guys fish one of these boats or can you point me to a resource for more info?

    Mucho Gracias! :)
  2. Kurt

  3. Hirize

    All over the islands here, both sport fishing and commercial use. Must be pretty good as the locals all have them for the commercial fishing.
    Also most of the dive operations use them, seen one new one just a couple weeks ago that a dive outfit has.

    Nice boats!

    Aloha, Pete
  4. Stuart

    Not the same Force boats, but thanks Kurt! The outfit in Hawaii goes by "Force Marine" and to the best of my knowledge, doesn't seem to have a website. They make pretty serious fishing boats.

    I did see one for sale at this link.
  5. Kurt

  6. Kurt

  7. ?? fisherman

  8. sixty

    Force have been around for many years. Excellent boats but pricey compared to most of the locally built boats. They is usually a few for sale on the web, or

    Lots of info in the adds....They have a deeper vee hull than a Radon and aren't as stable at drift but they can deffinately handle big water. The older 80's models are more solid and have a little better reputation. If I was strictly comercial fishing I would choose a Radon, but for mixed use it would be Force all the way. Among the locals Force & Radon are the ultimate boats to have.
  9. MidwayJ

    Just my opinion here-

    Force Marine makes all sizes of boats for serious fishermen, ranging from 18' to 40' and up. They definitely cater to the commercial/semi commercial fisherman in Hawaii, as they have a deeper vee than the Radons for a better ride in rough seas, but are more stable at drift than a Knife or a Yellowfin. They are basically built for mixed use: trolling when it's rough, bottom fishing when it's calm.

    They are very popular boats, but as far as the "boat of choice", I think most local fishermen will swear by the Knife or the Yellowfin (not to be confused with the mainland version), which are also locally built boats with much deeper vees than the Force boats. A lot of guys that fish these deeper vee boats have some disdain for the "rough" ride that Forces entail. The boats are very safe and stable, but they do tend to pound a bit in rough conditions, and the smaller versions can produce a wet ride in a head sea.

    The Knife, Yellowfin, and Kammicraft however, are super deep-vee boats that are built to run 20-30 kts into seas up to ten feet. Pretty good for a boat under 30' eh? These things are the real fishing machines, and while they are generally less available than the Force boats, if you want to fish Hawaii when it's rough (which is the best time to fish) AND have a nice ride while chasing down our fast moving pelagics, they are the ticket.

    That being said, I have been guilty of many a drool-fest when seeing a nice Force set up for fishing in Hawaiian waters. The great thing about having a custom Force is that you can set it up for exactly the type of fishing you'd like to do. There are actually quite a few nice ones this month at Check 'em out. I'll try to find some pics of local-style boats and post 'em today.
  10. MidwayJ

    Here's a 30' Force for sale right now. Also, check out this picture I found of the state record aku (skipjack)- with Capt. Jesse (Griz) in the picture no less! That is one fat charlie! 40 lbs 8 oz I believe!

    Force.jpg StateRecordAku.jpg
  11. konared

    Fished a 22' force for the past 5 years or so.They are in demand for sure.My partner bought a 26' flybridge with a Cummins for 38K and got a deal!
    The 22' was hot in the cab untill we put in sliding windows. But that was in Kona. Had a 6' box in it that held a lot of fish. The 22' had a Volvo 125 h diesel, new that we put in.
    The builders are really nice guys, ones name is Jim, will always talk story with you.Definetly nice rigs. Last I heard they were really busy and the new boats were not cheap!
    My .02
  12. konared

    My avitar and the bigeye is on the 22'.
  13. MidwayJ

    I guess I should clarify that my perspective is an Oahu one, and I think that Force boats are definitely more prevalent on the Big Island. If anyone's in the market, I believe Capt. Rob from the "Hawaiian Tuna Action" videos is selling his 50' Force- he'll even teach you how to fish the seamounts and make money doing it as part of the deal!

    Nice boat and fish Doug! Did you get your boat custom?
  14. konared

    The 22' was almost a total rebuild, I think at one time it had outboards because we cut a couple of battery boxes out of the transom.It also had extra fuel tanks added, not that we ever needed the fuel.
    I left Kona about 3 weeks ago after 17 years,but will be back sometimes to fish with my buddy on the new 26' flybridge. We're getting to where all we fish is ono, and the 26' cruises at 28KTS. So we can fish far away from town.
  15. Griz

    <TABLE class=tborder cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=6 width="100%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR title="Post 336291" vAlign=top><TD class=alt1 align=middle width=125>MidwayJ</TD><TD class=alt2>Here's a 30' Force for sale right now. Also, check out this picture I found of the state record aku (skipjack)- with Capt. Jesse (Griz) in the picture no less! That is one fat charlie! 40 lbs 8 oz I believe!</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

    That's not me. That's OLD GRIZZLE! Capt. Dave. The senior member of the crew. The other guy is his old deck hand Bo Bo. Big Aku, ain't it.

    Jim Patterson owns Force Marin 808-969-1010. He's cool as hell and know his shit. We were looking at building one of their big 43's. We might still do it once a few more guys build them and we can get some real info on how well they work/ride.
    They have a little booklet that they will send you if you call. It's not much. Here's a summery of the hull pricing:
    21'er 21'x8'4" hard top $22K
    25'er 25'x9' hard top $34K
    30-35' x 10' from $55k

    anything else you want is ala carte. He can and will build you anything you want if you have the $$$ he has the time. These are old 2004 pre petroleum jacking prices and I know all forms of resin have gone up a shit load.
    They are molded boats and the longer versions are just extended with however much more boat you want. I know a few guys with 30'-40'x9' pickle spears and a few guys with 22's and 25's that fish retardedly rough water and manage to make it home (so far). Not my bag, but they get the job done.
    Some of the older models ride like hell and the fly-bridges can be wet, even worse than a 31 Bertram, (welcome to Hawaii Jack) :rofl: .

    There are a few sweet 35's with single straight shafts that ride good and are strike boats. And they even make power cats in all sizes.
    They can handle a load and rough water well, but a real Radon, Anderson, Wison are also shit hot boats for that application. and made on the west coast. Getting a boat to/from Hawaii will cost you very big $$$$$$. Not to mention coming over to watch it being built.
    They are full on commercial hulls, strong but not finished to yacht quality. There are no inner liners or super buffed out interiors. some inner pieces are molded and smooth but most are just painted gelcoat and webbing. If you want to make it super nice, do it yourself.

    If you are looking at a used on over here on Oahu, PM me I probably know the boat or can find out the details for you.

    Hang On
  16. McKee

    My buddy just offed his for cheap. The thing had a shitty ass outdrive, that he could no longer afford to maintain. Either repower or sell, he chose sell. Check the power setup before you buy. Other than that, great boat.
  17. Stuart

    Thanks for all the info guys, I appreciate it!
  18. SAGE

    31' HAWAIIAN
    33116 cat turbo 300hp, straight shaft, runs great! 2 GPS w/ plotter, CB, VHF, Furuno 292 sounder, saftey equipment, Two (2) 800 lb. fish holds, 3 outriggers, extras. Asking price will include All fishing gear. Needs topside paint, FWD topside fiberglass work (King post area), hull in solid condition.

    (808) 864-3883
    $29,500 OBO

    Not a bad deal , are they any good ?

  19. MidwayJ

    Yeah, I've been looking at that one for a few months now. I don't know much about how those hulls ride, and I'm a little miffed as to why it's a) so cheap, and b) been on the market so long. Must be more to it than meets the eye....
  20. SAGE

    True .... that's a good deal, even by mainland standards. Those Cat 33116 are real workhorses

    ....also when you see the OBO at the end of the $$ you know something may be up with it .