Flat waters in Ensenada

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by theBajabum, Jul 1, 2011.

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  1. theBajabum Advertiser

    Lots of charters going out tonight.
    Just spoke with Alajandro Pila of Azteca and he said the water is flat as it gets.
    I'm being told there is live bait for sale.

    I'm going to try trolling purple Rapalas and see if I can get some results.
    These fish are bigger than we are used to catching. Hooking up 20-30lb. albacore and tuna with 60lb trolling setups makes it easy to put lots of fish on the deck.

    However, 40-80lb fish on 30lb casting setups makes fo a long day on just a few fish. Last week the boil moved off quick and with one hookup we were not able to go for more. 2 hours 45 min on one hookup cooked our day. I'm not complaining, it was a nice fish and the first of the season for Ensenada.

    Finding a way to get them to take the trolling line will bring bigger counts.
    I invited a couple of good friends that are bringing alot of gear in addition to what we have on board. With some luck we will come up with something that will give us good counts.

    Ensenada Reports updated tomorrow evening.

  2. Bajabil3

    Plumas Rojo !
    Water is flat from here, can't see the island.
  3. Otto

    Your a Lucky Guy !
  4. Mo Betta

    Just get them to the boat! Suerte amigo!
  5. fishbuck

    Good luck to Jay and crew!!! Hope you have a great day on the water.
  6. theBajabum Advertiser

    Gracias Amigos
    I will video and pop pics and well as do my best for a detailed report.
    The fish are reported to be close but I'm not going to depend on them to staying put. We are still leaving at 2am.
  7. rrpescador

    you shouldnt be told theirs live bait. you should go check since your down in ensenada an running a charter business. some people have to travel for hrs. to get there an to find out theirs no live bait kind of kills the buzz.lets all work together j an lets make it happen this year..... BIG ROG
  8. theBajabum Advertiser

    We had lots of live bait today.
    Big fat Sardines and some mixed macs.
    FYI: I am in Anaheim durring the week and communicate with every several times a day via radio. I get to Ensenada Friday evenings and return Monday mornings.
    They are out ther but we didn't have and luck hooking up.
    36 miles outside Ensenada we found jumping bluefin just like last weekend. We fly lined bait, trolled all kinds of different feathers, rapalas and casted megebait.........Only hookedup a blue shark.

    Azteca Too hooked up 5 times and did get one on board and also the 6 pack Angelita dropped one on the deck.
    Selena goes back out at 2am.
    More reports in 24 hours.
  9. theBajabum Advertiser

    I have reliable sources even when I'm not in town.
  10. full throttle

    I was there for the last 4 days and I drove my boat back today and the water was not flat are even close to it. I got there Tuesday and the first day they had bait was on Friday and all they had where macks and they were in bad shape.I stayed at the Coral and did not see one fish brought in this week and I talked to the people who work there and they did not see any fish brought in. The wind was blowing and the water was rough everyday. These guys are posting reports that it is good fishing but when you get there the fish are not there yet or they will not bite. I spoke to a private guide and was going to take him on my boat and he told me not to waste my money because the fish were not there yet. So be careful what you read and see who is posting it. I know first hand I was just there.
  11. bonescustoms

    God Damn It!!!!!
    I want you to drive your lazy ass down there, look at the bait, drive directly to MY house and tell me if theres bait.
    NO WAIT.
    Install a bait tank in your vehicle with a state of the art oxygenating system and hand deliver some baits for me to check out.
  12. theBajabum Advertiser

    Now that's funny stuff...................