Flasher BLOW-OUT!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Pacific North West Classifieds' started by T-Ripper, Apr 11, 2011.

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  1. T-Ripper

    Time to unload my flashers.... $6.00 each or the first $120 gets all 25. SOLD!!!!!

  2. JKIII

    :finger:Good luck getting rid of those non-kool-aid-drinking flashers!

    pm sent
  3. Deviant

    PM sent....
  4. Tower Todd

    That was quick!

  5. Easytosee

    Damn, that was fast
  6. Jermz

    Good riddens inline flashers. :rofl:
  7. goatram

    SHUSH your mouths! Tim Has not paid for them yet!
  8. Jermz

    Some people still like inlines. So I don't think he will have a problem selling them.

    Shouldn't you be working. :rofl::finger:
  9. goatram

    I am
  10. wood2turn

    I have more than 25 of them...and I still use them often.

    Of course I have yet to get in the water with my new Breakaways...let alone get a fish with them.

    So...We'll see!

    Terry B.
  11. blackmouther

  12. Deviant

    For some reason those in-lines have worked for years......and yes....paid for!

    Looking to hook my little brother up as well as myself....:finger:
  13. BugeaterInWa

    Im not haten on ya bro as I have my share of in lines as well... but remember, fight the fish, not the flasher!