Fishing with marines Chance&Mike

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by CHA-CHING, Jun 12, 2005.

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    We went around the point into the wash cycle...not too bad and hear KC CHEIFS say that he was picking up some berries and bass.we go over their but no luck for us.Too many dam fur bags.then we go up too la jolla same fish but hungry fur i head west to the 182 to try to find that nice patty.i wanted to hook these guys up with a couple of yellows.well i find the motherload of patties!!!!!size of a bus!!yellows boiling all oner the palce.THEY HAD LOCK JAW!!!!!! talk about diving a guy crazy.yes i tried EVERYTHING.well after about a hour or so we troll west into bigger seas.decide to turn to more patties.we get into the bay.and try a bass spot and get a bonita.ruff ride but a nice day. :beerbang: :beerbang:

    Dsc02535.jpg Dsc02540.jpg Dsc02532.jpg Dsc02542.jpg Dsc02543.jpg
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  2. sealskinner

    Cudos to you for taking the troops out.
  3. KC Kevin

    Just want to thank you again Greg for hanging with us while we tried to get the boat going. Nice to know somebody has your back when things go bad.

    That's a nice pic of the boat; you can get a feel for the swell hieght by how low it looks in the water. Almost looks like we are sinking!
  4. Special Ed

    Those guys are hooked on fishing the Salt now thanks to you Greg! Especially Mike, he said he wasn't much of a fisherman, but he liked to eat fish. Well, now he is planning trips for the next open weekend to get out there and fish.

    Our boat had a hard time zeroing in on hungry fish as well. Seems like every spot we tried with fish on the meter they had lockjaw as well. Everyone that made it had a blast though. Good on all you guys for taking these guys out.

    BloodyDeckers :git: !!!!!!!! :beerbang: :lux: :beerbang: :lux:
  5. mauser65x55

    Hey Ya'll,

    well this trip inspired me to go ahead and become a member of bloodydecks so I could get the scoop on California fishing and more importantly keep in touch with the fine folks fished with and around on Saturday. Thanks so much Greg for taking us out. I had never before had the privaledge of going on a real fishing boat like yours, made and set up just for fishing. One of these days I'm gonna catch me one of those yellow taled fish, if its the last thing I do this summer. I was really glad mike was able to catch the one fish we caught since he is new to fishing saltwater and is apparently now hooked :) Well, thanks again to Gregn and everyone who made this possible. A special things to Ed for getting me onto this trip and all. Have a good one ya'll.