Fishing with Capt. Eddie

Discussion in 'Louisiana Fishing' started by WayFinder, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. WayFinder

    Went out Yesterday with Capt. Eddie Burger and had a GREAT time. Awsome Charter. It was our first time Tuna fishing so Capt. Eddie and Lee had their work cut out for them. I'll post some more about it later, but I wanted to get some pics up.





    Cuda got this one:


  2. johnnylite

    That's gotta be one big cuda.
    Ours are a little smaller on the West Coast.
  3. Wildrogue

    WHOA, are you sure that came from a cuda?
  4. WayFinder

    Yea...they were running all around the boat. We caught it on a chum line right next to where that line was...Lee pulled it all the way in the boat and pulled the hook out its mouth with his bare hands...CRAZY. wish I had a pic of it..about five footer I'd say.
  5. jesse


    Nice pics dude:)
    CA appreciates the south coast reports..
  6. wakerider1424

    tht suks, we had that happen to a blackfin, the first one ever for our boat and 4 me, if anyone asks me i say i've caught a half a tuna