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Discussion in 'Surf Fishing' started by crazycaleb, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. crazycaleb

    :notworthyHello ppl im wondering if there is any good spots at the end or near the end of point loma for fishing .thx
  2. Surf Dog

    Do you mean the Cabrillo point area? That's all guvment land I think.
  3. Surf Dog

    drove out to lookylook and the only access I see was the sunset cliffs area. Local said that the Osprey street area you might see occasional fisherman. But! the area has lots of postings about unstable cliffs and such.

    At low tide I hiked down and drop shot #6 line with surf plastic and crack and no bites, nothing, It was slippery and iffy; would not recommend that cliff area without some kind of bait, squid or such, even then at your own risk. There are some stairs near the park where the surfers climb down but it wasn't enticing enough for me to go back there with a surf rig. Check it yourself on Google maps, Sunset Cliffs drive and Osprey Street.
  4. crazycaleb

    thx on info
  5. joebald2

    you can fish in the cabrillo monument on the end of the point if you just pay the 5 bucks to park your car
  6. crazycaleb

    Cool that's what I've heard just would like to from fishermen on here thx Joe high or low tide. In your opinion
  7. dan1

    Or pay $15 for a yearly pass, much cheaper. Only problem is, it closes at 5pm. Can you really fish by the old light house? How do you get access to there? Isn't it fenced off gov land?
  8. crazycaleb

    a guy told me he has fished the rocks by the tide pool area is that a real spot i went to take my kids to the light house once but the only take cash so i said f that long drive down to a bank lol
  9. Surf Dog

    Are you sure you can fish the monument area?
  10. joebald2

    Ya look at their website...and incoming tide is always best for me caleb...the last couple hours of the rise is what i prefer
  11. crazycaleb

    thx joe i might hit tomorrow ill give report good or bad ;)
  12. Surf Dog

    Joebaldy, thanks, I did search u suggested.
    CrazyCaleb; Good to meet you today. See you around IB.
  13. crazycaleb

    :Dynamite:yeah no hook ups but saw fish the birds were crazy diving big school of somthing hundreds of pels and sea guls and warrings on shore killing it kept casting in but nothing