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Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Tvdan, Jul 20, 2011.

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  1. Tvdan

    The Daniel Hernandez Youth Foundation will be hosting a fishing swap meet next Sunday in the parking lot of the West Marine store Long Beach, it's free to attend and you can buy a space to sell for 35.00. Come out and support us and help us take kids fishing.

  2. Trayscool

    Im there!

    Thanks Dan....
  3. Simon Bon Bowery


    Wish I could make it...............
  4. jiggyn

    i think i can make this
  5. Tvdan

    Please come out and support us.
  6. Moses1000

    Count me in !!
  7. N2deepfsw

    I'm there!
  8. Tvdan

    hey guys thanks for the great response, we only have ten spots left to sell, call our office if you want to lock one of them up. 562-865-3764.
  9. Tvdan

    Hey guys, just wanted to remind you that my fishing swap meet will be this sunday in Long Beach in the West Marine parking lot. I hope to see a lot of you there.
  10. bus kid

    Bump for a cool guy who is doing his part to pass on the sport to the next generation. see you there. :hali_olutta:
  11. skipperw1

    Cool deal, but a long drive from San Diego. Do you ever put one on in SD? There are 2 West Marine stores here within 2 miles of each other and one has a huge parking lot. Should get a good response here too.
    Keep up the great work with the kids.
  12. Tvdan

    thanks, hey guys the swap meet is this SUNDAY... be there!
  13. Tvdan

    tomorrow is our fishing swap meet in LB, come out and support us.
  14. mknowles

    Hey Dan

    You need t do the same thing in san Diego. I know you would have a great turnout.
  15. Tvdan

    I'd like to od that, but I get very little support from SD area, for my free kids event at Chollas lake I only had two helpers from SD, the other 40 people drive down from LA. I also only had six locals help us out for our booth t the Fred Hall Show. I'll put a swap meet on down in SD if I know I can have your guys support.
  16. lkatdpelicanfly

    Whens your next LA area swap meet? I,d be interested in getting a spot as I have a ton of fishing tackle I want to clear up so I can free up some space. How big are the spaces btw. Appreciate all u do for the sport!

  17. gzebrows

    Great concept for the benefit of the kids.