Fishing Report San Quintin

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by fullclip, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. fullclip

    Fished 6/22- 6/25. We fished the bay the 1st 2 days due to the wind. We managed a few halibut, sand bass and a sea bass. The third day we went outside and fished bens rock for numerous ling cod and cabezon as well as a sheep head and some china fish. After we filled our bags at bens rock we decided to try and stop by one of the high spots on our way in. As we pulled up on the high spot I saw something leaping out of the water it was a shark. There were a ton of birds on the water around the high spot put they weren't working. We trolled a rapala and about 15 minutes later we land a nice yellow tail. We troll around for about 45 minutes and then we get hooked up again. This time it is fighting a lot diffferent it is on the surface. When we get it close we see that we caught a shark. That is a 1st for us. We have never caught a shark on a rapala. We released it and head in. The last day we only fished 4 hours as we had to head home. We fished the mouth and managed 3 halibut with another 3 lost to short bites. We also managed to catch a seagull. Hopefully I can go the rest of the year without another one.

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  2. Lboddy

    Awesome report. Did you weigh the seagull?
  3. Whiskey

    Nice hall on taste variety. Glad you guys had a good trip.
  4. jowo

    Was that 3rd from last pic the biggest cabazon in the world?
  5. prolinegd

    Damn, that's some great freezer filling there.
  6. captainkelly

    Very nice work guys........CHA-CHING$$$$$ :hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  7. fullclip

    I did some research and the all tackle world record for cabezon is 23 pounds. The one is the picture is around 10 lbs. Kelly I saw george out on sunday did he do ok?
  8. BadDonkey

    Dam dude.... I'm hatin'!

    Great job and pics!!
  9. Tar Pit

    A 23 pound cabezon :eyepoppin Where and when did they catch it?
  10. fullclip

    not sure when but it said it was caught in washington
  11. saravonshep

    Great report and nice fish!!!