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Discussion in 'Southern CA Private Boater Offshore Trip Planning' started by Gregorman, Jan 5, 2006.

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  1. Gregorman

    I'm looking for a fishing partner who is interested in local fishing. I have a new 18 ft Gregor boat (finally upgraded from a 15 footer after 25 years) and enjoy fishing the bay and local offshore areas as well as freshwater fishing. I am looking for someone close to where I live (San Carlos -San Diego area) to help load and hook up the boat and help with clean-up as well as share some of the the expenses. I'm a retired school teacher so most of my fishing is done DURING the week as a way to avoid crowds. If your prime interest is drinking beer at 7:00 in the morning and get pissed off if the fish arn't cooperative I don't think we'll mesh. I'm looking for someone who enjoys a good laugh and can appreciate a day on the water whether or not the deck gets covered with fish. If interested email me at :
  2. twofinbluna

    Gregorman, thank you for your recent post looking for a fishing buddy. I am sure you will find someone in your area. Too bad for me it's not nearly as close to Westminster. Heck, I am only a little more than a hundred miles away from you. If I do a hundred miles an hour on the freeway, I'll make it there in about an hour with no traffic. Kidding aside, good luck with your search for a fishing buddy and tight lines where ever you fish.
  3. kerncat

    Sent you a P/M..Bob Kern
  4. sealskinner

    Hey Frank welcome to BD. There are plenty of guys around here to go fishin w/ya. Just post when and where , And demand a man massage from the ho.Death_To_Death_To_
  5. Saluki

    Welcome to BD Frank.

    You should have no problem filling spots with many great fishermen, especially since one doesn't come here anymore :D
  6. Calico

    Thanks for the Feedback.......Hookup
  7. Steve@316

    did... yesterday.

    Welcome Frank.
  8. Neill

    That Avatar is a crime......:)