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  1. I'm a retired schoolteacher and am looking for someone interested in joining me for some local fishing. I fish SD bay, IB, the local kelp beds and the nine mile bank and some freshwater lakes, Colorado river, Sierras etc. Most of my time is spent bayfishing but I like the local coastal stuff when it's calm. I have a new 17ft Gregor Eagle with a 60 HP four stroke Merc. I usually fish with my dad but his health has made it harder for him to join me. Most of my fishing buddies still work and are only available weekends. I like fishing Mon. - Fri. because of the lack of crowds. I'm looking for someone to share my boat and help with cleanup etc. I'd like to find someone in the San Carlos (San Diego State college area) who is low key, enjoys fishing, and is has similar fishing interests.

    Eagle 17, June 2005.JPG
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    Welcome to Bloodydecks Frank! Thats a good lookin' boat you've got there. Very nice. Shouldn't have much trouble finding some fishing buddies on here!
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    Welcome to Bloody Decks.

    That's a sweet lookin' ride.

    I usually have every other Friday off, OK at fileting, & wield a pretty mean scrub brush. :D


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