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Discussion in 'Florida Sport Fishing Reports' started by fishtowin, Jun 15, 2012.

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  1. fishtowin

    Am making my first trip to FLorida staying in the Orlando area first week in november. I would like to do some fishing while I am there. I would like to fish redfish and largemouth bass I will have a car but don't really want to drive over 100 miles from Orlando is November a good time to fish redfish and bass and can anyone recommend a guide or area I should be fishing . I fish San Diego all the time but don't know about Florida . Thanks Steve
  2. af dreamer

    The space center area for the redfish,not sure about the FW fishing.Tom
  3. fins13

    I don't know about the FW. But there is a good redfish guide hear on the this forum Redfish Chuck he does kayak guides in the space coast which is not that far from orlando.
  4. x-man

    I was in Orlando in January and fished redfish with Captain Chris Myers in mosquito lagoon near the space center. He was a great guide and worked hard to get us on fish.
    Look him up at "Central Florida Sight Fishing Charters".
  5. Josh D

    I'm going to Orlando this month & will be fishing with Capt. Travis Tanner for reds whom I've fished with before about 10 yrs ago. First trip was great, hit me up & i'll let you know how it went.
  6. Ribbonfish4sale

    Check out Disney or Lake Toho gor bass. Both have great guides there and the fishing is unbeatable. Head to the Indian River/Mosquito Lagoon for reds.
  7. lilharcher

    I fished world famous Lake Toho with Guide Jay Turner in both March of this year and August last year for great LMB action, with fish to 6lbs. I highly recommend him and he is very reasonably priced. If the fish aren't biting, he will let you know that. Give him a call at 407-908-4739.....he's a great guy to fish with.
  8. fishtowin

    Thanks for all your help and response you guys are great I will check out the info and thanks again