Fishing on the Freedom - this Saturday 4/17

Discussion in 'Fishing Club Forums' started by The Sea Hag, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. The Sea Hag

    Hey guys,

    If you were signed up on the Eldorado trip (unfortunately cancelled) and would still like to get out this weekend, there is an Izorline sponsored trip on the Freedom leaving Friday night to fish Saturday.

    Weather for Saturday is looking great, and Captain Tommy Lee is one of the BEST local island captains for finding the fish. The trip is $135 and right now looking really light... 15 people and this trip is a go! There will be two Izorline pro-staff on board (present company included : ) to give you at two free spool fill ups, 25 and 30 pound. Plus we'll have raffle prizes and instructions for anyone who wants or needs any.

    Make your reservations through 22nd Street Landing. Trip is scheduled to leave at 10:00. Call for Reservation (310) 832-8304, or if you can't get through call (310) 357-8437 until 10pm.

    Hope to see some of you down there!
  2. darthfoster

    If I didn't have to work for the the mouse this weekend, I might consider it. I've always wanted to fish the Freedom. Hope you find some yellows.
  3. yellow111

    Tommy is a great Capt.
  4. The Sea Hag

    Just ask Ken at the next meeting how much fun he had on Saturday with me on the Freedom!

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