Fishing Mexican Waters/Passport?

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by cajunman, Sep 7, 2007.

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  1. cajunman

    I was reading an article in the AAA magazine that mentioned the passport requirements going into effect for travel by air, land, or water. Got me to thinking, will we need passports to fish Mexican waters?

    I've searched the Net but can't find any info, anyone know?
  2. jcole4455

    Short answer, I can't remember. However, there has been tons of information concerning just that on this board, hit the search button and I'm sure you will find what you need.
  3. jeffr1269

    From what I've heard, they've lightened up on the passport requirements when traveling down by car or boat---it's not a requirement. If you have one, bring it. if you don't, just make sure your boat has the mex permit as well as every passenger on it.
  4. forefrazier

    What about when crossing over into Mexican waters for the day? Obviously you need a Mexican fishing permit but does the boat need an additional type permit? I hear of a lot of guys crossing over to Rockpile, Coronados, etc to fish for the day and say they have not been fishing for quite a while. Hard to believe they would have a vessel permit also.
  5. troutbum619

    Yes, you need a Mex license for the boat and a fishing license for each person on board. Don't know about a passport. Next time I get stopped by homeland security, I guess I'll find out.
  6. forefrazier

    Thanks Trout:

    How long does it take to process and where do you start the application?
  7. dessie99

    vessel permit for mex is real simple just bring registration and youll be out in 10 mins, I got mine at hook line and sinker
  8. ladynglr

    according to bob fletcher at sac, starting in january you will need a passport to enter mexican waters. this is whether you land or not. so, even the 3/4 day boats fishing the coronado islands will need passports. this is always subject to change as far as the american government is concerned. bob is still working on this. but, my advice to any person planning on fishing in mexican waters next year is to plan ahead, like now, and get the passport thing going. it's only a matter of time before you will need it.
  9. h2oboy

    earlier this summer we checked into the shelter island station and i asked that very question regarding the passports to both agents. quote: "that's a good question." i followed up with a question regarding what would happen if you don't have one. quote: "the u.s. government will never turn away a u.s. citizen from its border. you'd be held until your identity and nationality could be verified." so i really don't know the answer, but it took us almost 4 months for my wife's and my renewal- with no expediting. hope it helps. i'll start carrying mine on the boat once it's required.

  10. troutbum619

    Squidco and Barnicle Bills in Lemon Grove have mexican licenses (Boat and person)

    Thanks for the update on the passport. Guess I'll have to get busy.
  11. Full Eclipse

    Rich, you can start the paperwork at city hall in Esc. for a passport, which is what will eventually be required. Right now, when I take my son fishing, I have him bring his birth cert.
    We got our passport in 2 weeks for a trip to Cabo last yr with a little extra $ from City Hall. Good Luck and tight lines!
  12. Drydocked

    It can be even simpler than that. Many post offices now have passport application stations. For example, I got mine renewed in one of the Vista post office annexes. Go to the USPS website, go to "Locate a Post Office", and in the "What are you trying to locate?" box, select "Passport Application Services".

    The good news it that they're good for 10 years.