Fishing Ensenada? - Where to GO?

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by Ebt69, Jul 26, 2005.

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  1. Ebt69

    Hey. I’m new to the site but been Tuna/Marlin fishing S.D. waters with my pops for over 24 years. I finally got my project boat running and want to head down to Ensenada Sunday. I think the fish are still at 60-80 miles down from the S.D Point so I figured I would tow the boat down and head them off at the past.

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    Can anyone give me some hints of where to go? How far off Todo Santos should I go? Strait west or what? I’ve looked at the water temp. and it looks like the 68* water is about 15-20 miles S.W. of Ensenada. I haven’t fished the area for like 15 years…


    Is there a boat ramp at new El Carmel docks or something close by?


    Any input would be appreciated – thanks.
  2. Kevin J. Oliver

    hotel coral is what most everyone quotes these days, north edge of town.
  3. Ebt69

    Did some research and it looks like the Airplane 450, 378 and 213 are the spots to hit.

    What about bait? Is the Ensenada harbor still f'd up?
  4. 2naboy

    We got good sardines at the bait receiver where Mike used to work, on Sunday. We got crappy bait across the bay at Gorda's on Friday, and no bait on Saturday - so we make macs right next to Gorda's receiver. Pulled about 50 macs in 30 minutes. There is still plenty of red tide, but it hasn't totally trashed the bait.

    By the way - the 213 is the same distance from San Diego as it is from Ensenada: 60NM. For my money, if that's your destination, I'd save the border hassle and just go out of San Diego. I've heard of a few fish being caught down around the D220, but most of the bites I heard about recently, were up around the 390. We fished the Hidden Bank Fri and Sat last week, for zilch. Seems like you've got to be at the exact right place at the right time.

  5. Reel Crazy

    Alot of people think that towing down to Esnsenada is going to save them all kinds of miles on the water instead of launching out of San Diego. Not always ture. It all depends on where the fish are. If they are at the 238 then yes, by 33 NM. If they are at the D220 then yes, but only by 14 NM. If they are at the 1010 then yes, but only closer by 4 NM. Most of the banks you mention are closer to San Diego than they are to Ensenada. Fishing out of Ensenada is not always worth the drive and hassle unless the fish are at the 238 or points south. Plan your trip both ways and pick the quickest, cheapest way. Remember Hotel Coral (Ensenada) is 70 miles south of the border. Also they charge you $30.00 to launch. Remember to figure in your Mexican Insurance and gas to tow it down. Also the wait to get back across the border can be many hours if you do it at a busy time.
  6. Ebt69

    Thanks for the info on the bait.

    Youz right. After I ploted all the spots on my GPS I'm better of just going out of the point and do the 2 1/2 hour ride... I cruz at 20kts so I guess it's not worth it. I didn't realize the fish were so far off Ens.

    How is the fishing of Todos? Any yellows? I'm guessing lots of big toads...

    I'm heading out Monday.

    Thanks guys. I'll let you know what I find out there.
  7. 2naboy

    We spent Sunday morning bottom fishing behind Todos Santos. We were towards the north end of the two-island set, and about 1/4 mile off. Found great lingcod fishing to about 5lb, with a few rockcod mixed in. So, yes, fishing off of Todos Santos is pretty good. There are other spots down the coast 5-10 miles, but I don't have specifics and haven't tried them.