fishing around rancho cucamonga

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by james32444, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. james32444

    i just moved to rancho cucamonga from northwest florida. i dont know the area at all and i was wondering if there was places to fish around here without a boat. also what are the regulations as far as licenses go.

  2. johnnylite

    Big Bear, Arrowhead, Lake Perris, hour or so to the ocean. Big giant Basspro shop there. Maybe go by and ask for advice also.
  3. richcraft

    James, I lived in Rancho all my life just moved to newport beach last month. What kind of fishing are you looking to do. Trout, bass, ocean ?
  4. james32444

    well i dont really know the options around here or even what to use in florida i do alot of cats and largemouth and i go to the gulf and do some spanish and cats i dont have a boat so ill be bank fishing and i would rather it be freshwater. also do you know any thing about the requlations on fishing licenses here for me since im from florida

  5. Ghost Chaser

    Need a California Fishing Liscense with an Ocean stamp if you are to fish ocean.
    Bass pro may have them if not try Turners Outdoor.

    About Forty plus dollars for a year
  6. russscarce

    James.....go check out Bass Pro Shops. They are right down the street from you (15 frwy & Foothill)

    7777 Victoria Gardens Lane
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739
    Phone: 909-922-5500

    They can help you with a license and point you to the nearest water.

    Good Luck
  7. james32444

    thanks for the help ill swing by the bass pro when i get a chance.
  8. Buttchaser

  9. slydawg

    You can't fish inside of BPS. Just a FYI. (-8

    Yucaipa regional park can be pretty good at times for cats/trout. Corona lake is fun for a quick fix too.
  10. hobiefish

    How about surf fishing along the coast (Bolsa Chica, Doheny, San Clemente and lots of other areas.) Much more exciting and cooler than the shores of fresh water lakes in the summer out here. Take your freshwater gear and hit a tackle shop along the coast for some advice. Berkeley gulp sandworms on a carolina rig will get you action every day of the week. (Just my suggestion!)
  11. aplus2k

    The real "Happiest Place on Earth"

  12. way of life

    nice river fishing in azuza canyon. go to the east fork or to the west fork...hike down ..they plant trout on every other thrusday..the west fork has a nice walk way . i think after mile 2 or 3(past the fly fishing club) its barbless catch and release only.
  13. Swarthy Dago

    James, when you go to the bass shop ask about their club night meetings, they go out on trips all the time, off of jettys, party boats. If you can talk to a guy in the marine dept. his name is Big Mike. Good guy.
  14. Cheeks

    I lived in ranho for the last 30 years or so. Stop by Kenny's on Mountain right below Arrow in Upland. they will have all the low down and should be very helpful with a true local knowledge of the area. You have Perris, diamond Valley Green Valley, Big Bear,and the ocean all within a hour drive give or take.
  15. johnnylite

    Oh yeah if you are going to Basspro there is a restaraunt called the Hat on the way in. Stop by and have a Pastrami Sandwich. You'll thank me later.