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Discussion in 'Mid Atlantic Reports and Discussion' started by Fishin Fool, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. Fishin Fool

    Let me introduce myself, I am Lucian also known as "Fishin Fool", from Norfolk, Va. I grew up fishing the waters off Virginia and North Carolina, both inshore and offshore.

    I fish regularly for the following:
    Offshore: Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Wahoo, Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, Bluefin Tuna and More.
    Inshore & Nearshore Wrecks: Striped Bass (Also known as Rockfish), Flounder, Cobia, Spadefish, Drum, Trout, Sea Bass, Tautog & More.

    I am also the president of the newly formed Norfolk Anglers Club which I am proud to say has some of the best anglers on the East Coast as members. Check us out at

    I am looking forward to sharing my reports, knowledge and tips as well as learning from others.

    Here are a few pics from the recent past:

    My Boat - 31' Contender - Fishin Fool
    Loaded for bear with Twin 225 Yamaha 4 Stroke Outboards, Simrad Auto Pilot, Dual Furuno Navnet II with Radar and Navionics Gold East Coast Chip, Dual Icom VHF Radios, Rupp Outriggers and much more.

    Check out the Maiden Voyage Video:


    A small flounder caught recently with friends, one of over 20 caught that day at nearshore wrecks.

    Spadefishing at the Chesapeake Light Tower off Va., we caught over 25 fish with 4 citations, up to 9 lbs 10 oz.
    Video of trip:


    Striper Fishing my old boat with Freddy

    My nephew Michael with his Citation Wahoo.

    Off the Hooks boy Noah with the spanish that caught the Blue Marlin.

    After 3 1/2 hours stand up fighting the marlin died, I hate it when it happens and my first and hopefully last marlin fatality.

    A nice Sailfish caught off Cape Hatteras, NC.

    I love to catch Mahi.

    My Buddy Rick with his first ever Black Drum.

    My Buddy Bob with his first ever and nice citation Tog.

    As much as I love to catch fish, I also enjoy putting others on the bite and seeing their faces.:)
  2. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Welcome to the zoo LOL great post & pictures. Keep em coming, We're kind of bored & bickering over here:rofl:
  3. Mot's Sr.

    Welcome to the board Lucian, great first post, keep um comming.
  4. Fishin Fool

    Thanks for welcoming me to this great site.

    You will find No Bickering from ME!!!

    I want to come forward with a positive attitude and share what I love best as well as learn from others.:bablefish
  5. Punkfish

    Welcome to the insanity, don't let anybody here hurt your feelings!!!
    Nice ride, and great post. Nice to meet ya..

  6. Papa "J"

    Awesome post & pics......I just got back from NY & talked to a guy that fishes a lot up north....wierd how the offshore season doesn't start until it the same for you?
  7. ConSeaMate

    Great pics and report....But the guys didn't give you the Bloody Decks Salute!.....:FU:.....If ya ever come to the west coast I'm sure the members of BD will hook you up on a boat for fishing!
  8. Captain Curt

    Welcome to our site over here on the West Coast. Your pictures in this thread show your addicted to the game like the rest of us. We'll be looking forward to your reports from the East Coast. Nice boat by the way.

    P.S. Saluki's really a nice guy.......:rofl:


    The boat Hanna.........
  9. bertram31

    LOL just dont ever I mean ever accept a Saluki Claus gift LOL

  10. Orca

    Wecome. Nice report and pics,videos. Looking forward to future posts.
  11. Saluki

    Welcome to BD.
    Awesome Pix and post!
    You have a great looking boat the thing must haul ass.
    Let me know if any west coast BD'rs are traveling back east to fish with you and I'll review the names and ship you a bucket if required.... depending on your passenger ;)

    Thanks for the post.

    p.s. Stan is the self proclaimed "King of the 95%"
  12. fishnfool

    Welcome...again. Good to see you here. Nice report...great pics. Keep them coming.
  13. Captain Curt

    He's got a cool name to, huh Kevan????????:rofl: :rofl:


    The boat Hanna.........
  14. Saluki

    Lucian? :D
  15. Captain Curt

    And I said your were a nice guy........guess I was wrong again. :FU:


    The boat Hanna...........
  16. Drwhale

    I want everyone to know that Lucian "Fishin Fool" was playing hooky today from work and was striper fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    s Stamas.jpg
  17. sealskinner

    Welcome to the funny farm. You guys don't sleep "face down" right?
  18. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Quality Buckets
  19. Fishin Fool

    Shhhhh Doug, I don't want my help to find out I was Goofing Off Today...

    I'll post my report in a new thread.....:drool:
  20. Mstonefish

    Welcome aboard. Sweeeeeet ride, awesome pics and reports.

    Keep them coming:beerbang:

    PS- Don't worry about the other Fishinfool, his name is actually Fishinfoot, he even has a jacket to prove it ;) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: