Fishin Fool - Deep Fun - Tiles, Bass & Birds

Discussion in 'Mid Atlantic Reports and Discussion' started by Fishin Fool, Jan 27, 2008.

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  1. Fishin Fool

    Boat: Fishin Fool
    31' Contender FA

    Lucian (Me) - Fishin Fool
    Capt. Mike Beane of Blue Dragon Charters - Kapoc
    Scott Payne - Bird Master
    Danny Dale - Green Acres

    I was talked into fishing again after taking a beating last time, we had calm seas as we headed out.

    We found Sea Bass, Blue Line Tiles, Blue Fish and a few Dogfish. Everyone hooked up, one here and one or two there, it was a blast. Both Danny & Scott caught paper tiles.

    We had a little bird swimming beside the boat who kept trying to come aboard and warm up. We helped him out. He wandered around checking everything out before finding a nice warm spot to relax and take it easy.

    After an hour we had decided to move to another area and put the bird back into the water. Funny little bird wanted to come back aboard, but we left it to it's native environment. We saw many more throughout the day and they almost all wanted to come and visit.

    We had an awesome ride in 85 miles, in 2 hours, I love my boat on calm days.

    Talked to Brad on the Rest Assured, great guy. We kept in touch all day, it's always nice to have a buddy boat.

    Final Talley:
    28 Blueline Tiles - 2 Citations
    50+ Nice Sea Bass
    3 - Bluefish
    Smattering of Dogfish

    Another fine adventure with a Great Crew!!!

    BTW: Thanks Mike for CLEANING MY BOAT!!!

    Here are a few pics:

    Scott with a nice bass

    Scott with his new friend

    Danny with his paper tile

    Still trying to get back into the boat


    The Catch

    The Crew L to R: Danny, Scott, Lucian, Mike
  2. drseiler

    good thing you didn't cook that bird. it brought good luck. and 85 miles in two hours. hell Thats like wow. Congrats on what looks/sounds like an awsome day.
  3. squirtis

    Another Great Report!!

    Excellent Lucian...Congrats
  4. Fishin Fool

    That bird was cool as shit, it wasn't afraid of anyone on board.

    Thanks Curtis, we had a ball. Last time we went deep we took a 5 hour beating trying to get back to shore.
  5. Bank Robber

    Nice haul on the bottom grabbers.