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  1. George FF

    Great way to finish the week.
    Northwest winds prevailed at the beginning of this week, making Punta Perico and close to shore areas the only ones fishable. Starting Wednesday it was a whole different story. Nice big sardinas were located at the south east area of Cerralvo, providing more options for fishermen. Nice calm breezes, calm waters and a lot of sunshine was the scene. Dorado, pargo, both lisas and cuberas, cabrilla and some newly arrived yellowfin tuna being caught all at Punta Perico. The south end of Cerralvo also kicked out a few wahoo and yellowfin. Roca Traversada is starting to load up with some big pargon, but yesterday Rob Tappert and friends were able to fight but not boat the 4 that they hooked, and that doesn’t count the numerous bait destroying strikes. They did succeed in water boarding a bunch of ladyfish, all tortured and shredded by the evil pargon. They upgraded to 100 pound line today and with 120 pound fluorocarbon leader they went back into battle.
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    Bob Boise (a.k.a Woody) with a 25 pound tuna

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  2. scorch

    Very nice!! Thanks for the report!!