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    Thought I would post a new one on Processing. There is now a third choice and #1 in my book. That is "Fishermans Processing". It really doesn't do anything for the processing or the fish I bring home, that the Girls come down in there shorts and flirt with you guys and after seeing your wives and girl friends at the dock I see why that works so well:rofl:. I care about the end product and for me it's Fisherman's and the Royal Star takes care of all the fish equally, no matter where it is going. Can not speak for other boat, but I am sure some of you will.
  2. menpachi123

    I would use world famous for 1/3 the price of any of those so called top 3. Mike Burns is the man!
  3. One_Leg

    Is the general non-fishing public allowed to watch too?
  4. 5150

    That is some funny shit about the chicks in the shorts!!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

    Not going to get me to talk about that other long range boat your refering to.....

    Randy and Tim run a class act, knows this business which takes care of there customers.
  5. conchydong

    It really doesn't do anything for the processing or the fish I bring home, that the Girls come down in there shorts and flirt with you guys and after seeing your wives and girl friends at the dock I see why that works so well:rofl:. I care about the end product and for me it's Fisherman's and the Royal Star takes care of all the fish equally, no matter where it is going. Can not speak for other boat, but I am sure some of you will.[/QUOTE]

    Not sure what your point is. If you are taking a dig a 5 Star, I think you are totally off base. From what I have seen and experienced those girls work super hard when the boats come in and are not flirting with their customers. They are professional, which is something you are obviously not. And if you have a problem with a female wearing shorts than maybe you should move to Afghanistan I am sure you will fit in. Why would you take shots at peoples wives and girlfriends? Maybe you wish you had a girlfriend or a wife.
    Get a life.
  6. strictly1

    I used 5 star this morning when i came back from a 6 day trip on the Indy. Sarah was right there and took care of my fish and had me on the road at like 10am. A big shout out to the girls and guys at 5 star. Fish looked great when i unpacked it into the freezer at home!!
  7. 2nacrzy

    It takes a real man to come out swinging at women.
  8. FlyinFishOTI

    Hmm, you may want to get your eyes checked. Jeans tucked into XtraTuffs doesn't look much like shorts. You're right though. That's the only reason to use them. The quality is piss poor and the price is much more than the others. It's really for those 5 minutes of being able to see a woman and that's it.

    Please do share with us a picture of your gf or wife who is so gosh darn beautiful. We try our best, but sometimes you just gotta settle for east county's finest.

    Way to be super professional about it. I'm sure the company you're trying to promote by bashing another company and people on this board is paying you tons of money to do their marketing for them. I'm sure you're on a first name basis with the owner and he really cares about you a lot and could never survive without your expert advertising skills.

    Thank you very much for your very helpful description of the new operation, why you liked it, how your experience was, how smoothly things went, etc, you know, all the actual details and specifics that the board really cares about.

    For those of you lacking in the sarcastic arts... I don't care if Kathy Griffin meets me at the dock. If she provides the friggin' quality and service that 5 Star puts up, I'll take it. Never have I ever been so comfortable trusting someone with my shit and felt so assured that they won't mess it up or screw me over. I'm sure the other processors are great, but I'm an OCD loony mofo, and nobody has their shit together and is on top of every single detail like 5 Star.

    Oh ya, welcome to BD :finger:
  9. nick17yz

    well said!!!

    there is enough processing threads in the archives for people to research. lets get back to the fishing.. this chit chat belongs somewhere else!!!

    ps. my wife is the hottest and i only wanted to look at her after 10 days... thank you!!!!
  10. titan05


    it's okay that you like guys....your comment about how you care about the "end" product was very telling.

    Congrats for coming out and glad the guys were able to handle your needs.
  11. TorG3

    Are you shittin' me? Randy or Tim just got done with their mea culpa/explanation trying to put to rest any bad blood within the fleet. The processing operations are trying to avoid those personal fights. There's actually great fishing to talk about. And, this asshat posts crap like this. I can only imagine someone just got off the Star with another roommate from hell story.
  12. psychoclown

    Glad you like the other service. They seem like they fulfil your needs but don't knock 5 Star cause they are always professional, take care of business and deliver on a supreme service. (I have used all of the other processors with the exception of the new Fishermans Processing) I got my fish processed by 5 Star today after a 6 day on the Independence and was out the door on my way home by 9 am. Both the ladies had on jeans tucked into their boots. And i always see them working just as hard and getting dirty just like the guys do. They pick up and sling those slabs of fish for themselves and don't stand around waiting for some he-man to do the dirty work! Oh incedently, I have seen some of the men that work for the other processors occasionally wear shorts...Oh my god, could they possibly be trying to attract business with their manliness?? :gayfight: I think not. I believe they are dressing for comfort!! (remember it's flippin hot out there at times So if you have a problem with women in the work place you evidently have larger problems. Or is the real reason of the post to try to drum up some business for fishermans by trying to belittle another very succesful business. Either way your post was unprofessional, uncalled for and lame! Your lame attempt at bolstering Fishermans profile has back-fired and will ultimatly cost them new customers and I'm sure they would not condone this wack attempt to secure them new business. Do them a favor and be a little more insightful when u post.. Better yet, shut the FUCK UP :finger:

    Did this opening thread knock 5 Star's product? or did it just state how alot of you get roped in to using them? Did this thread say that there end product was poor quailty? Face it SEX sells or do you go to Hooters for the food? Maybe you are just pissed off that after 8 days on a boat your old ladies still don't look good at the dock?. Compition is a good thing and keeps the price down. With Fishermens there is no one to meet at the docks or arrangments that needs to be made, it's already handled. Read the thread before you post or if your that ignorant have someone who can read, read it for you.
  14. medunn16

    Hunny,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,can I get some more popcorn over here!
  15. titan05

    and if you are that ignorant then maybe you should have somebody write for's competition, not compition and it's you're...not your.

    Sex Sells?????

    Now you resort to gender bashing????
    Women run companies all across this nation but you denegrate them because they are female and insinuate something that is less than proper....that is a sexist attitude at it's worst and shows your lack of growth as a person...what a class act you are.

    I must be missing something because I thought it was service that wins the day and if you really think that people use 5 star because the girls meet the boats then you are truly the ignorant one.

    You posted you are happy with your choice of processors....let it go at that and thanks for sharing.....and coming out:nutkick:
  16. TopMpg

    Should that not be "run" Mr. English professor?
  17. titan05

    Let me go fix that....thanks
  18. okie man

    with all the shit talking going on at that end of the dock i think some owners are feeling a little insecure about themselves. with all the quality operations in the s.d fleet one continues to try to convince everyone how great they are and how much better they are than the rest.the girls have built a great customer base by providing a quality service, great product and a friendly smile. not by bashing the competition and feeding me a line of some infomercial bs.the loyalty to 5 star by the members here on bd is something the girls have earned by hard work and dedication. not bashing the competition on the web. the other guys should take notice of this next time a boat docks and the girls have the long line of customers waiting in front of their table.
  19. Fishybuzz

    Sex is one thing quality fish processing is another...and if it isn't for you I guess we know why you have chosen to use Fisherman's....remind me not to let you behind me at the rail...

    I don't care if the folks running a fish processing operation were the best looking women in the world if they didn't or couldn't cut and process my fish properly I wouldn't drop a dime there. It never hurts a business if the people are courteous,well groomed and pleasant and produce and deliver a superior product....which IMO 5 Star does.

    The fact that women run the operation has zero to do with my choice.

    I do prefer Marios smoked fish and usually have a couple of yellows and tuna smoked there.
  20. Luv2Fish

    Am I doing something wrong or it is just bad timing? When I return from my trips the ladies at 5 Star have their "uniform" of a 5 Star tank top and jeans tucked in to the Xtra-Tuff boots. They have asked me in a couteous and professional manner if I wanted my fish processed. Not once have I been offered sex for fish processing! If sex truly does sell, why am I not getting any offers for my fish?