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Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by sonship, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. sonship

    Would like to plan trip to fish mag bay and guadalupe. Looking for requirements regarding bringing fish cuaght in mexican waters primaraly guadalupe. do not have large storage and ice for more than couple days. how would i get several 50 lb fish home. can I filet and freeze or must fish be whole. Also understand I must check in and out of ensanada. Any direction would be appreciated.
  2. Captain Irony

    Fishing Guadalupe requires a specific permit. I'd suggest the same folks who issue those permits would be the best source of the info you seek.

    As they are being enforced on the East Cape - The present regualtions do not allow for cleaning of fish at sea, but are indifferent to fillets processed on land and in a cooler. The 50 pound limitation is an airline rule not a Mexican regulation, although "bag limits" do exist.

    Buena suerte -
  3. allelect

    Gill and gut are it! And Check in and out of ensenada is required, and you will now have to check in US. If you ask at the island if you can fillet they may say OK just ask his name.
    We done it and they have said no problem.
    Sodas and Batteries go along way.