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Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Bryantfish, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. Bryantfish

    hey guys new to bloodydecks.. i needed some help with a fish ID... i caught this fish down in mexico off of a jetty ... my thoughts its a salmon. the meat was very pink redish thats why i am leaning to the salmon... any help would be great thank you for your time...


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  2. Smudge

    Yes sir. That is a salmon. Nice silver! They get lost every year. How far south were you??
  3. yellowtailnsd

    That's what it is. We get a few here in San Diego every year.
  4. Sherm un salmon
  5. ahidog

    Looks tasty to me bring it to my house and I'll let you know for sure what it is...PM for address
  6. Bryantfish

    that is my 2nd one down at my beach house... i am around 72K south... Thank you for the help! going back south this weekend.. i will post what i pull out of the water when i get back!.
  7. rodngun762

    Very cool!! All that cold water upwelling in inshore baja must be holding them.
  8. tunanorth

    Wow, this may be a record for the furthest south a salmon has ever been caught.
    About 10 years ago, the Big Game 90 caught a salmon at El Islote just below San Quintin. There are no records of salmon ever being caught below that point.
    Were you further south than that?
  9. fujirose

    It definitely is a salmon. However, it may be a silver salmon, which if caught in the oceans and rivers, is protected and can not be kept. The scuttlebutt on fines up here is that they could go as high as $15,000, each!

    If it is a king salmon, the minimum size limit is 24". The wardens typically check the gums of the lower jaw. Kings are black (hence the nickname of "blackmouth"), the silvers have some white (even a speck can get you a ticket!). Silvers have a green hue when in the water and are known to be more acrobatic during the fight. The silvers have no dark speckling or spots on the tail. There are other differing characteristics, like ridges on the rays of the tail fin and number of rays on the anal fin, but college was a long time ago.

    And yes, silvers are one of the three best tasting species of salmon.

  10. Blackfish

    Jim, Good info, but I think he said he is 72K (kilometers) south...and he lives in Escondido . I think that would put him down past or near Ensenada ? ???

    Not sure if they even have rules about Salmon in Mexico. LOL
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  11. tunanorth

    There are no salmon regulations in Mexico.
    Having re-read the thread more carefully, this catch was considerably north of El Islote, so is not a record for southerly salmon catches.
    However, he indicates this is his SECOND such catch this season!
    He is likely the only person in history to catch 2 salmon in Mexican waters.
    As Jim indicated, silver [coho] salmon are an illegal catch in CA waters.
    Even though every season a dozen or more "silver salmon" are reported south of Point Conception, in reality they are almost always Chinook [king] salmon.
    The differences are subtle, and in most cases it is probable that the DFG would be lenient, particularly if caught in San Diego or Orange County waters.
    Interestingly enough, up in Oregon, not only are they catching LOTS of albacore right now, but also a handful of bluefin tuna and yellowtail.
    Its a big ocean.........................
  12. Bryantfish

    i am north of ensenada... not that far south... this was my 2nd catch down there the first one was caught last year it was 24in... this years catch was 29in.... it put up one hell of a fight off the rock jumping all over the place and with 10 pound test i had my work cut out for me after reading what everone posted i am going to have to say its a sliver salmon. i feel on top of the world being that this is my 2nd one down there and most people dont catch one in a life time that far south...

    this pic was from the 4th of july down there ..... 36 in 20 pounds.... so far this summer has been a good one to me... leaving tomorrow to try my luck back down there....

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  13. tunanorth

    Even though the statistics for catches south of Point Conception would say your fish was a king salmon, the active, jumping fight would indicate a silver.
    It's hard to definitively tell from the photo, but I'm leaning toward silver.
    Did the other one jump a lot too?
    What did they bite on?
    Crazy that you would have caught 2 in the same spot, is there any kind of freshwater stream outlet nearby?
    Anyway, congratulations!
    PS- although a silver or king would be many hundreds of miles outside their range, the now rare "Southern Steelhead" is actually native to the few streams in northern Baja.
    Inside the San Diego Mission de Alcala [founded in 1769] one of the historic displays shows the common [for back then] catch of steelhead right out of the San Diego River.
    They look very similar to your fish, but are noticeably skinnier.
  14. Enfuego

    Caught in Mexico Senor

  15. Enfuego

    Oh and they caught one in San Quintin last week.
  16. m_mcgourty

    Definitely a catch to brag about!
  17. Bryantfish

    yes the other one did put up some jumps..
    the smaler one i dont recall what i got him on... the lastest fish i got was caught on a lucky craft jerk bait.

    not sure about the fresh water myself.. but some say there is freshwater around i just havn't seen it..

    this is the picture of the other salmon that i got down there...

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  18. Bryantfish

    Thank you
  19. tunanorth

    Thank You!
    That settles my mind that they are silver [coho] salmon.
    The other fish is much slimmer, but the tail is too forked for it to be a Southern Steelhead.
    Also the older photo shows a fish with a distinct adipose fin, indicating "wild" origins.
    The newer fish looks like it might have had its adipose fin "clipped", indicating hatchery origin, most likely from Oregon.
    I suppose its possible that there may be some freshwater springs in the area, similar to the hot springs just down the beach from Hotel Buena Vista at the East Cape [but not hot of course!].
    Has anybody ever caught a striped bass there where you fish?
  20. rodngun762