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  1. Thrasher_1

    I am wanting/needing to build a fish cleaning station at home soon. I am tired of grabbing a 2x8" on the ground to do all the fillets.

    Was curious if any of you have built any cleaning stations at home and wanted to post up some pics or ideas of how you did yours.

    Covered? Plumbing? Starboard material? All aluminum? Lights? Concrete pad?

    Let's see what you have!
  2. Pete1313

    I"d be curious to see what people have done....I'm going to be doing the same soon too.
  3. Roll the Bones

    I use my Portable Station that goes with me to La Push and Westport. Six foot plastic table from Costco with Schedule 40 plastic pipe leg extenders to raise it and give my back some relief. I also put rubber caps on the bottom of the Pipe so it does not move around. Also have have one Stainless Bolt and Wingnut to secure each leg so no wobbling. Great table and easy to transport, assemble.
  4. Genie Aye

    I just do it on the water--before I go home.

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  5. tuna 272

    Mine is an aluminum stand with a 36 x 48 starboard top. You find it at a meat cutter supply place. I have locking wheels on it. Height is critical ( 36'' min.) The frame is open in the front so the trash can fits under it. (use extra heavy duty contractor bags )I roll it down the driveway, do my work, rinse it off, and roll it back. Its perfect! At the supply house they have a killer 3 sided sharpening stone ( big) in a rotating oil bath, get one of those too!!!..........
  6. Thrasher_1

    Did you buy yours or make it? Have any pics?
  7. cavalry8/1

    here is a picture of one my dad built at his house we didnt like doing the board on the ground thing anymore also

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  8. Thrasher_1

    looks like a good solution to a sore back cavalry8/1.

    I found this one online. Looks pretty nice, but I am not wanting to go this fancy (or spendy).

  9. KodiakMike

    My experience is that there is no shortage of patterns that will work but three things that I think are important are height, no-slip surface and drain. Attached is a picture of my cleaning station. I clean on one side and it has a drain out the other. I use a piece of floor grate from a processing plant that has a non-skid surface. Lay that fish on the grate and you can almost filet one-handed. I lay a hard plastic cutting board on top for final trimming.

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  10. USMCtom

    In the meantime a 2' by 4' piece of 3/4 ply clamped to a portable tablesaw stand works like a champ...well its a step up from a 2 by 6 on the grass anyway...
  11. Smudge

    Marcus has a bitchin' one.. I think he has a post with pics somewhere....
  12. Marcus

  13. Ronzo

    OK, so I built this thing about 10 years ago for 20.00. It's fence posts, a bit of galvanized and some polycarbonate cutting board from the restaurant supply. I keep thinking it will break and I'll build a new one, but no luck. It's cheap, does the job and I guess I'm stuck with it.

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  14. fishnazzi

    Next time we're coming to your house.......
  15. kingfisher1

    Sure looks clean and unused! What kind of weed is growing under that table? Looks suspicious...

    Corey - if you do end up building your own check out the local plastic supply wholesalers in your area. They'll have scrap sheets of cutting board material (High Density Polyethylene - HDPE) which cuts and sands like a dream. I'll post a pic of my clean and unused board later.
  16. Ronzo

  17. goatram

    Ron your kinda touchy on the grass cutting eh!

    I just give mine to the wife and she cleans them and I don't get the sore back. The picture is one of her friend's cleaning the big butt from last year. The back porch is made from Trex

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  18. tunaahelper

    I've been tinkering with making one myself and recently went to the Costco in Fife (restaurant supply Costco) and they had a stainless table roughly 30x50" with a lower shelf for 130.00. They also had a large cutting board for 10.00 that would work great to mount to the table. Nice and clean without big $. Also, while not as nice as Dexter Russel blades, they had knock-off's for 5-6.00 each. I grabbed a few.
  19. lugger

    I have a aluninum one that has a high back taperd sides and shelf to set your beer and knives on ,
    I sloped it back a little and installed a drain in the corner and piped into ground with a french drain to keep the little stuff away from dogs as it gets a little spendy on vet bills when they get a parasite !!!!

    I put pavers under it so has a soild place to sit on and place to stand on in front complete with G loomis sticker

    Travis has seen mine he plays areound with that stuff might have soem great ideas he liked mine
    I put non skid traction strips on it from nappa to keep fish from sliding around

    The key for me was making it high enough so no bending over at all to take care of fish
    Back is trashed form Commercial fishing in Ak to many years

    I would post pics but cant any more
  20. bradnoble

    I brought home 14 whole yellowtail this year to fillet. We have a plastic composite table that folds out 4' x 8'. I set-up a hose with a spray head and a shut off valve suspended above the fillet table for easy access. We then had a separate table with the vacuum sealer etc on it and had an assembly line type arrangement. My buddy helped me and it took 5 hours. Sorry, no pics. It worked well tho....