First trip to San Nicolas Island.. what to expect ???

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by jtj0026, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. jtj0026

    Was told by the Landing that we will be going to San Nicolas Island for an overnight bottom fishing trip this Saturday. I've been to San Miguel and Santa Rosa a lot but this will be my first trip to San Nicolas... is there anything different between San Nicolas and Channel Islands for bottom fishing?

    How much opportunity for shallower water around San Nicolas? If a lot, how shallow are we talking about? I am thinking of bringing some jigheads and plastics if get a chance to fish shallow. How about deeper water? How deep can it be? Any possibility of yellowtail showing up this time of year? Any large lings over there? Any information is appreciated.
  2. riverplayer

    Overnighter?....I would for sure bring a hoop net.....I used to dive there and the bugs are guynormous....
  3. cappo

    I would expect some big bruiser yellows to still be around. I would try yoyoing, had some good luck with that earlier in the year over there.
  4. Johnnyfish

    I love fishing San Nic. There's a shelf that extends way off the island, i.e., it stays shallow (<200 ft.) for a long distance. Ling cod are abundant and can be caught in as shallow as 20 ft. There are also Black Sea Bass, White Sea Bass, YT, and huge Halibut. The island is low, so it offers little wind protection, and the current and drift can be very fast.

    Here's a few pics from May this year.

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  5. mutu0069

    The times I fished Nic it was fishing the shallower water 150-200ft. There is alot of fish there but to me it seemed like it was always quantity over quality. I fished the jax jig/teaser combo and fished the plastics and it always produced. I personally never caught a ling there but caught reds, starries, chuckleheads, johnny bass and whitefish.
    I hear of people catching nice yellows, halibut and seabass but they are fishing closer to the island. Either way I think you'll enjoy it! San Nicholas is a cool place to experience! Good luck and post a report when you get back!
  6. Joey805

    There are some monster whitefish and sheephead at nic as well. Alot of fun to fish for them...
  7. Swarthy Dago

    you can expect Whitey to probably show up.
  8. marlyn

    joe,i second the whitey comment!are you a fillippi?i grew up in that area...