First Place King. Fired Up/Florida Sportswoman

Discussion in 'Florida Sport Fishing Reports' started by Fired Up, May 21, 2012.

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  1. Fired Up

    Im happy to say we took 1st place king with a 30.8lb and 3rd place ladies overall!!!! Im very proud of the girls. Thank you to our sponsors that allowed us to fish these tournaments! Thank you CFOA for organizing a great tournament!!

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  2. Redwine Admin

  3. Almost Time

  4. BloodydecksOutdoors

    looking good ladies
  5. brantc

    WTG girls.
  6. spike

  7. BrassyHooker

  8. Ali Admin

    Nice work ladies!
  9. mafrancis66

    X2... Great job ladies!!!!!
  10. Jason Admin

    X3 Good Job!
  11. @-EZ

  12. Northeastfshman Advertiser

    Get those fish out of the way in the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. -scallywag-

    LIKE !!!!!
  14. Keelhauler

    can anyone tell me the color of the fish in the second picture without using the back button?
  15. conchydong

    Blonde and brunnette.
  16. SoCalRedNeck

    Are any of you ladies single???
  17. Chadellis

    There is fish in the pictures!
  18. baja kid

    congrats gals