First my dryer, now my washer.....

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by halibuttface, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. halibuttface

    Well I guess I will be that guy this month. I put up a post about my dryer not working, got it figured out what the problem was and fixed it today. Was going to do some laundry and put my clothes in the machine and it filled up with water but will not agitate, or spin, or drain if I try and manually go through the cycles. Has anyone had this problem? As far as I knew the washer was running fine, I was not the last to use it my room mate did. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Money is tight for me right now and if I could I would just buy a new washer and dryer but my funds do not permit that at the moment.

    I really don't get it because the washer has not been run for at least 4 I am not sure how it broke.
  2. Innocent Bystaner

    Dude, your main problem is not letting a woman do the laundry. These are complicated machines that only a female mind is capable of figuring out. Stick to hunting, fishing, and gathering. If all else fails have a lady show you how to beat your pants against the rocks down by the stream.
  3. halibuttface

    Your right....I think I a, going to change my name to Phuckt....
  4. Sluester

    sounds like the lid switch if it's a top loader. Quick fix is to wire it straight. Not the safest but it'll do. Unplug the machine first.....
  5. RASTA

    does it sound like it wants to engage???maybe make a clunk sound when it spins or agitates?????does it fill with water????check the door switch,alot of times the belt will come off or break,,if your roomate likes to wash 12 pairs of jeans and a bedspread at the same time,,itll take out the hub drive/coupler,,which is not hard to relace,,here what they look lke

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  6. Tuna Choker

    It depends on the machine. If it was overloaded, it could just be the out of balance swith. You have to reset the switch, depending on the brand. That is the easiest fix. Try to put it in a different cycle. Good luck, it would be helpfull if you named the brand. No one on this site can help you with out knowing the brand name,they are only guessing.
  7. halibuttface

    Well when I started the washer it seemed fine, it started to fill, when I came back from the store it was just filled with water and wasn't running. I don't know much about washers but if the drive belt was broken wouldn't I hear the motor running trying to work but it would just not agitate because the drive belt is broken? All it did was filled with water. I tried going through the cycles manually but nothing happens. I tried to look for a model number on my washer but I could not find one. It is a Maytag Atlantis, the model # on the dryer is MDG 7400 AWW Serial # 24108811EG, these were on the plate on the dryer, I am not sure if they have the same part and serial number.

    Here is a link of a pic of my washer
  8. Sluester

    Don't reinvent the wheel. Check the freakin lid switch. The washer will fill but not run if it has shorted out. It's a saftey feature dumbazzes don't open the thing while it's spinning and stick their hands or other parts in.
  9. halibuttface

    It was a stuck lid switch.....

  11. Fishslayer

    Soooo....does someone owe someone a wah-wah-HA? :D

  12. Sluester

    Glad it wasn't something $$.
  13. halibuttface

    Me to Slues is the man, with what he told me and what I found on the internet I was able to get it done. For anyone who might have this problem in the future I would reccomend that you get a touch voltage tester, it will come in handy when testing switches and other thingsd to see if they are getting current, cost me 15 bucks at home depot, and anyone in OC that needs applicance parts check out:

    10466 Stanford Ave, Garden Grove,CA,92840

    Good Prices. Had what I needed and knowlegable staff. Or just send Sluester a PM!:urno1: