First build results in failure!!!

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by riverrunner1984, Jun 14, 2012.

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  1. riverrunner1984

    So this was my first build that did not end up so hot. I guess there is a learning curve involved but damn this was frustrating. Not to mention, I will need to buy a new blank, grips and reel seat. :zelfmoord:zelfmoord

    As you can see from the pic below, I burned the tip off while trying to put the tip top on and line it up. I was heating the glue up with a lighter under the blank and at some points there was a little flame that started. I figured this was normal as the glue was getting hot. However, to my surprise when trying to adjust the tip top, the blank tip just broke. Any suggestions as to help me prevent this from happening again?

    First pic is the damage and second pic was my progress. Oh well better luck next time I guess

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  2. jaycook

    You have to get another blank for the tip breaking or is there another problem? That inch or so might not be much of a problem. In my limited experiance, it doesn't take much heat for tip work.
  3. riverrunner1984

    Nope, the only issue is the tip. Everything else is good. From what I thought I have read or heard, it is ok to cut from the bottom but not the top???

    If I can just cut the top and put a new tip top on, it would be great....
  4. paradoxjim

    If I can just cut the top and put a new tip top on, it would be great....[/QUOTE]

    Sure you can. The action of the rod might be somewhat slower, but with that small amount broken of, you might not even notice. No need to throw it all away, build it and fish it and learn from the experience.
  5. chad gee

    Dont use so much lighter time on the next one -
    Try not to see this as a failure, because it isn't. You learned some things & will hopefully continue to do so.
    Rainshadow blanks are a great option as some of them are fairly cheap.
  6. Scold

    When you shorten the rod from the tip, you make the rod faster, conversely if you shorten it from the butt, you make the rod slower.

    Also, yes you can just put a tip on where it broke. Use 5min epoxy, clean up with denatured alcohol and you will never have this problem again.
  7. riverrunner1984

    Great point! This was actually a rainshadow 7ft blank I picked up at acid rod as a kit.

    I will try cutting the tip off and getting a new tip top. Thanks for the input guys.
  8. Mark@AcidRod


    If you're using a glue stick for the top, keep the glue & heat on the top, not the blank. A lot of builders will heat the stick, rub it on the blank, then install the top. That squeegees a lot of the glue off.

    Instead, take a razor blade to the glue stick and cut off a couple of 1/2" long slivers of glue. Insert them into the top's tube, heat the tube, then push the top on.
  9. riverrunner1984

    Thats sounds exactly like what I should have done Mark. I was using the small glue stick thing that comes in your "All in one High Build Rod assembly kit" and it was so small I tried to hold it over the tip and heat both up.

    I will def stick the glue in the tip top next time as that seems like a great idea.
  10. Capt. G

    Sure you can. The action of the rod might be somewhat slower, but with that small amount broken of, you might not even notice. No need to throw it all away, build it and fish it and learn from the experience.[/QUOTE]

    Now, this is quite a parallel paradox, wrapped up in a conundrum.

    So, which is it, master builders? It can't be both. Or can it? Please help a jigger out...
  11. bonescustoms

    SLOWER fo sho. both from the butt and the head.

    An inch or two here or there, no worries.
    according to the wife, losing an inch wouldnt hurt anyway, its how you fish it...........
    Grip it n swing!
    Wait, what happened?
  12. pdrug

    my .02 is cutting it from either end will make it slower. Will it be significant enough to matter? Dont know but i would try it before scrapping the project. My vote especially for your first build, is cut it off and put a new top on. You are bound to have a few other hang ups that you can strive to do better on the next build.

    And i dont know if it will help you or not but what i do with my tip top glue is to put it in a glue gun and run thin beads of it out on a plastic cutting board. after it cools off i peel them off the board and throw them in my building cabinet. Each time i need to put a tip on i just clip off however much i need, stick it down in the tip heat it up until the glue melts and stick it on.
  13. Teal101

    It would make it faster. Faster in layman terms is stiffer, less bend. Slower on the other hand is like most UL rods and fly rods, lots of bend. By removing some of the skinny part of the rod you are removing some of the most flexible part of the rod and distributing the force over the mores tiff portion, therefore fastening the action. Conversely, if you were to cut from the butt you are removing some of the stiff part of the rod, therefore distributing the force over more so over the "lighter" portion of the rod causing it to bend more, IE slower action.
  14. riverrunner1984

    That was the most scientific answer I have heard lol.
    As long as it wont hurt the rod and I can still fish it after cutting the inch or so off the top, I am cool with it.

    Any suggesting on what to use to cut it so its a clean cut and a tip can fit on it?
  15. Mark@AcidRod


    If you're in the neighborhood tomorrow stop by between 10AM-2PM and I can clean it up with a diamond wheel and get you a larger top.
  16. monoxide

    thats kind of like how i do mine. i cut little chunks and put in the tube and then heat the glue stick u and do pass around the blank and then heat the tip with the glue and then slide it on.
  17. The Bushman

    Good one G...The rod is still going to have the same "bend" as it did before....(ie still bend in the same place and manner for the most part) just a little less to hang on to. ERGO.... all we know for sure is its SHORTER, and thicker at the tip.. ... anyway... looks like Mark will take care of you!!
  18. riverrunner1984

    Thanks Mark, I'm in Rancho so I'll def swing by the shop!
  19. Teal101

    I just did one for a friend on a VERY old cheap Shimano rod. His tip insert broke out and I tried replacing the tip. The wrap and finish came off but the glue in the tip was stubborn. The tip ended up melting. I cut it off, re-attached a new tip, then wrapped it to prevent splinter cracks from forming.
  20. jimfishes

    I think I would use the ferrel cement (hot glue) to install the tip. If you were to damage the tip you can heat, remove and put a new tip on. Epoxy not so easy.