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Discussion in 'Florida Sport Fishing Reports' started by Fired Up, May 1, 2012.

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  1. Fired Up

    Well I have decided to do something a little different...Yes I'm still Fired Up Charters but have "loaned" my boat to Florida Sportswoman. We have a full female fishing team who committed to all the tournaments in the area. We were fortunate enough to get sponsors to help out with fuel/bait/entry fees/ice...Tackle. You name it. For the sponsors, THANK YOU!!!! All i need to do now is put them on fish! We had 4 Small Mahi the other day and a Small AJ. This week i will turn to what i usually do best. KINGS.. Wish us luck, follow us on FB. Heres a few pics of the new wrap that was donated by FRESH INK ORLANDO. (if you need anything call him)
  2. FLSportswoman

    Special thanks to BD Outdoors for sponsoring our ladies team. We are very exciting about the tournament fishing season and will keep you updated on how we are doing, upload photos and video.

    Pictured is Chris from A&B Graphics who did our shirts!


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  3. baja kid

    Nice looking tournament shirts..Good luck
  4. Ali Admin

    Boat and tees look great!

    Let's see some reports!
  5. BrassyHooker

  6. Almost Time

    Way Cool!!!
  7. conchydong

    Wow, what a fishing team! Good luck in the tournaments.
    Cool to see the Bloody Decks emblem (sponsorship) at a FL tournament.
  8. karlk1125

    Looks awesome!!!
  9. Redwine Admin

    good to hang out with you all the other night, i'm up for a river trip when ever.